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Kyoto Weddings

Not too long ago I received a query from a lady overseas who was interested in celebrating her wedding here in Kyoto. Who can blame her for wanting to be married in Japan’s very own city of romance? A marriage in the elegant surrounds of one of Kyoto’s ancient shrines or temples must be a truly unforgettable experience. However, organizing and coordinating all the aspects of a wedding: the ceremony, photography, banquet and so on can be a nightmare in one’s home country, never mind trying to do it over here! Fortunately, there is an organization catering for English speakers who can arrange a complete bespoke wedding package and its name is Kyoto Weddings.

Kyoto Weddings is the only wedding planner in Kyoto that can coordinate special events in English that cater to individual needs and styles. We can arrange traditional ceremonies and wedding banquets, as well as bridal photography.

Made up of a small international team of locals, Kyoto Weddings can consult with clients directly in English to arrange events at world famous shrines, restaurants and even a Zen temple.

Besides traditional wedding ceremonies, Kyoto Weddings also arranges photography sessions in bridal kimono. “The photography plans are great for couples visiting Japan and who are looking for a unique way of celebrating their anniversary,” says Sachiko Nakamura, the senior wedding planner. Photo plans include in-studio as well as outdoor location packages at nearby Japanese gardens and parks.

Visitors can wear top quality bridal kimono — for the bride, the elegant shiromuku (white kimono) or the luxurious iro-uchikake (coloured kimono), and for the groom, formal black montsuki (family crested) kimono with hakama (wide-legged pants). Bridal kimono are the most exquisite of kimono and derive from wedding customs of the samurai classes during the Edo period.

“Not all weddings in Japan need to cost a fortune,” says Nakamura. “We can help you plan a simple ceremony followed by a meal at a nearby restaurant.” But for those who want to experience the finest in Kyoto hospitality, there are options such as a full-course dinner at ryotei, traditional gourmet restaurants and maiko entertainment.

Our bi-lingual team of local and international staff not only have the expertise to coordinate your special day, but can also give you cultural context to Japanese bridal traditions, and deepen your experience of a Kyoto wedding.

The Bridal Kimono Rental Plan

340,000 yen per couple

Plan includes:
• White shiromuku kimono for the bride
• Black montsuki kimono and hakama for the groom
• Kimono dressing and attendant during ceremony
• Professional make-up and hair styling, including rehearsal
• Undergarments for the bride
• Tabi socks and sandals for bridal couple
• Bridal taxi to and from shrine
• Planning fee
• English interpretation


Five per-cent discount for Deep Kyoto Readers!

Weddings held in Kyoto also help to support traditional craftsmen and local businesses. All the more important after the battering the Japanese economy has taken recently! So I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Kyoto Weddings to win Deep Kyoto readers a 5% discount on the final bill for any wedding plan they choose!*  Take a look at the Kyoto Weddings website first to see which plan you like, and then use this link to the Deep Kyoto contact form.

Here’s the link to the Kyoto Weddings website, but be sure to come back and use this contact form or you won’t get your 5% discount! Happy Weddings!

*The discount does not include the bill for the shrine or temple ceremony as Kyoto Weddings do not receive any payment for this.

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