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Deep Kyoto: Walks ~ Released on Amazon!


Deep Kyoto: Walks
Publisher: Deep Kyoto; 1st edition (May 18, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
URL: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KFM2J0C
Price: $7.99 (811 yen)

Editors: Michael Lambe & Ted Taylor

Authors: Jennifer Louise Teeter, Bridget Scott, Miki Matsumoto, Robert Yellin, Pico Iyer, Chris Rowthorn, John Dougill, John Ashburne, Stephen Henry Gill, Sanborn Brown, Joel Stewart, Izumi Texidor-Hirai, Perrin Lindelauf and Judith Clancy.

18 walks
16 photographic illustrations
A specially commissioned woodblock print by Richard Steiner
12 detailed maps
Links to all locations on Google Maps
Cover Art by internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Brayer

I am very happy to announce the release of our ebook Deep Kyoto: Walks on Amazon.com.

Just a little over a year ago I began to send out tentative proposals for the first Deep Kyoto publication. The book would be about walking in Kyoto. But it would not be a typical guidebook, with a set of directions and little nuggets of historical and cultural information. Each walk would be a meditative stroll around an area the writer knew intimately and would explore that writer’s personal relationship to the city. The book would be both a literary tribute to the city as home, and a testament to the art of walking for its own sake.

To my delight our writers responded with great enthusiasm to this proposal, and in their walks they have taken my initial idea into areas I could never have imagined. In our book we have neighborhood walks, mountain hikes, bar crawls, backstreet rambles, philosophical wanderings and strolls down memory lane. And we have gathered a fantastic group of writers too, from established Kyoto experts like Pico Iyer, Judith Clancy and John Ashburne to newer talent like Bridget Scott and Izumi-Texidor-Hirai: all of our contributors have written superb accounts of walking this city and I want to thank them all for their participation in this project.

I would also like to thank our artists: Sarah Brayer for her wonderful cover art, and Richard Steiner for his beautiful print illustration of Daimonji in flames.

Profound thanks also to Yutaka Nakayama for his design work on the cover and for his super detailed maps. And to Rick Elizaga who stepped in to take care of the formatting, and who has done a truly splendid job of it, many many thanks indeed.

Finally I would like to express my eternal gratitude to my co-editor and very best walking companion, Ted Taylor (1). From the beginning of this project to the end, he has been a great ally, and a source of encouragement, energy and inspiration.

This has been a great collective effort and together we have made a wonderful book of which we can be hugely proud. I look forward very much to our next collaboration.


Note (1): Other than Mewby of course!

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Bridget Scott & Christopher Fryman in ALTI BUYOH FESTIVAL 3rd NOVEMBER from 6pm

Bridget says,

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumn weather.

On Thursday 3rd November, a public holiday, I will be appearing at ALTI Hall with musician Christopher Fryman. We are part of ALTI BUYOH FESTIVAL. We were lucky to be selected from numerous applicants to perform on this big stage with great sound and lighting systems. There will be 6 different groups, each allowed up to 20 minutes on the stage.

We have created a new work “Somewhere in Between”. I will be performing my original dance and Christopher will be playing live trumpet and electronics.  We hope you can join us with our own contribution to Culture Day.

Time: The evening starts at 6pm, we will be 3rd, scheduled for 7:30pm.

Tickets: ¥1,500. Both Christopher and I have tickets to sell, so please contact us. (bridgetscottnow@hotmail.com, cfryman@gmail.com)

Place: Alti Hall

Location: Alti Hall is on Karasuma, opposite the Gosho, between Imadegawa and Marutamachi. It is a little nearer to Imadegawa, next to the Kongo Noh Theatre. Here is a map.

Bridget Scott’s Butoh Workshop #3

Our friend Bridget writes,

On 24th July I will hold the third in my series of monthly butoh workshops at Ichijoji Shukaijo – an old dojo in Ichijoji.

We will begin with a good warm up and then do some butoh image work, followed by pair work, some choreography and improvisation and finally a warm down.

My workshop will be inspired by my work with my teachers Katsura Kan, Min Tanaka and Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno as well as and my own experiences as a performer for over 20 years.

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in expressing something with their body and exploring butoh ideas and movement.

No experience is necessary. Wear clothes that are easy to move in.

Here is the basic information:

Sun 24th July 10am-1pm (the last Sunday morning of every month.)

Place ~ Ichijoji Shukaijo (see below)

Advanced Booking:  ¥2,000(¥1,500 for students)

At the Door: ¥2,500(¥2,000 for students)


Contact me at this email address or phone at 090-3853-4162


Train: Eizan line Ichijoji Station       Walk east from the station and follow directions below.

Bus: No 5 Ichijoji Sagarimatsu cho  Cross Shirakawa Dori at the traffic lights and follow directions below.


From Shirakawa Manshuin Michi. You will see Circle K on the right and a big pachinko parlor opposite it.

Go east on Manshuin michi until you see a stone tori for Hachidai Jinja.

There turn left (don’t go up the hill to Shisendo).Keep going north, in the second block you will see gates into what looks like a school yard and a hand carved sign with 上一乗寺集会所.

Go through the gates and you will see a pine tree. Behind it is the old dojo.

This is Ichijoji Shukaijo.

Here is a