Here are a selection of articles I have written for both online and print publications. The most recent articles are at the top.

September 2015:Insider Guide: Best of Kyoto,” CNN Travel.

January 2015 – Present: Regular writer for the Inside Kyoto website. A full list of my articles for Inside Kyoto can be found here:

August 2015 – Present: Sole content writer for part of the Japan Station project published by The site will be a complete guide in English to Kyoto’s transportation network with hotel listings and information on key attractions.

February 2015:At Play with Brushed Black Ink,” Kansai Scene Issue 177.

December 2014: Book Review: Sumi Workbook by Christine Flint Sato, Kyoto Journal Issue 81

November 11th 2014:New NPO brings same-sex marriage equality into Japanese public debate,” Japan Today.

November 2014:Cradle of Creativity: Seika University’s Manga Faculty,” Morning Calm Magazine (the in-flight magazine for Korean Air).

October 2014:My City: Kyoto,” The Simple Things Magazine.

March 2014:Looking for the Lost Machiya Buildings in Kyoto,” GuideAdvisor.

February 2014: “Go Green in Kyoto!”, GuideAdvisor.

December 2013: Book Review: Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide by Judith Clancy, Kyoto Journal Issue 78.