Between 2009 and 2012 I wrote a monthly column for Kyoto Visitor’s Guide. Some of those articles are still online. Here is a selection of ten pieces that have best stood the test of time. I should add that I did not write the titles…

kvg finalA Guide to Kyoto’s Most Informative Websites
For my final article for Kyoto Visitors Guide I listed the most useful websites for people visiting this city.

kvg kozmozKozmoz New York Coffee
Kozmoz New York Coffee is an American style cafe/diner tucked away in Fushimi Momoyama. What makes this establishment a little bit different though, is that every yen made  goes towards a good cause: funding social outreach programs

kvg hyakuninOne Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each:
A review of a poetry collection written by volunteers of the conservation group: People Together for Mount Ogura.

kvg mundObanzai at Mund Shokudo
Many restaurants in Kyoto specialize in serving obanzai style home cooked cuisine and one such restaurant is Mund Shokudo: a little diner in central Kyoto offering good old fashioned wholesome Kyoto dishes with a subtle creative flair.

KVG UrbanA Place Called UrBANGUILD…
Let me tell you a story, about a place called UrBANGUILD… It’s a kind of fairytale, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

kvg kobosanTo-ji Temple’s Kobo-san
Introducing the flea market at Toji Temple. This famous market goes back hundreds of years and here among the historic buildings and bustling crowds you can get a true feel for what makes Kyoto tick.

kvg ptoSave Mount Ogura with P.T.O!
Introducing the conservation group, People Together for Mount Ogura (P.T.O.), whose activities are centred on Kyoto’s “Poet’s Mountain”.

kvg chocolateChocolatier Double Sept
A specialty chocolate shop in Kyoto city center, with a huge variety of flavours to choose from and which serves hot chocolate to drink when the weather gets chilly…

kvg chikyuyaChikyu-ya!
Three floors of super affordable booze and nosh in a casual atmosphere where everyone crowds in together and you may easily find yourself striking up a conversation with your neighboring tablemates.

kvg koanA Visual Koan
The famous rock garden at Ryoan-ji as seen through the eyes of the Beat generation’s Will Petersen.

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