Deep Kyoto Walks edited by Michael Lambe and Ted Taylor is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to get off Kyoto’s beaten tourist track.”
The Japan Times

“The city is here a palimpsest of its residents’ hearts, and we are invited to peer through the yellowing layers of washi paper.”
— Richard Donovan for Japan Visitor

“If you are interested in Kyoto, the ex-pat life in Japan, independent publishing, or just fancy a stroll along the streets of Japan’s greatest cultural attraction, read this book. It takes you there, with or without your hiking boots on.”
Our Man in Abiko

“Ted Taylor and Michael Lambe have put together a paean to walking through Japan’s most intimate city, savouring the ancient temples and today’s artful graffiti. The anthology, Deep Kyoto Walks, includes Pico Iyer and others, and this is one of those books that takes you to where you didn’t know you wanted to go.”
The Roy Hamric Journal

“This book should not be considered a guidebook. While it is true that there are directions, here and there, on how to find the intimate locations mentioned in Deep Kyoto Walks‘s pages, the true heart of the collection is in the people, and their experiences, both as Outsider Looking In, and Already Through the Looking Glass. A memoir of multiple consciousnesses, readers can expect to be taken into the lifeblood of Kyoto’s real culture, not just the stereotype emblazoned by so many years of postcards painting geisha crossing red-lacquered bridges.”
Alex Hurst

“So far Deep Kyoto Walks has been a great tool for discovering the city I moved across the world to see. Actually the anthology itself is a storybook of other people’s experiences, but, also makes places more accessible to those who’d like to make their own mark and see these things for themselves.”
Mountains Beyond Mountains

“This is a great book for anyone who has been to Kyoto and would like another perspective on the city, as well as for anyone who is planning a visit and wants to do something a little out of the ordinary.”

“I think this volume is indispensable for short term, long term, and repeat visits. There is wealth of suggestions for a prolonged visit. And it can also provide assistance for a short time visit; in that it provides local knowledge for that day or afternoon when you want to get off the tourist trail. The amount of incidental information about Japanese history, culture, and society collected in these essays is invaluable in itself. For people like me who live in Japan and have the opportunity for repeat visits it provides inspiration and a variety of courses for exploration deep in the heart of Kyoto.”
Lost in Translation

“This isn’t a book to carry with you like a travel bible. It’s a book to read both before you visit Kyoto (if you have the chance), while you are there, and years later, when the memories of the city start to fade. Savor these stories with a cup of green tea and bring a bit of Kyoto into your life.”
Uncovering Japan

“The idea of the book was to have its contributors stroll through a neighbourhood they knew well, showing readers/visitors something of the multi-layered fascination of living in Kyoto, but to do it in a personal, even offbeat way. One piece in fact describes a protest march; at least two others are hikes. Not all are foreign residents, but the majority are. The book is in English and contains helpful photos and maps. It’s not all about temples and gardens, though: chained dogs, homeless people and convenience stores are also introduced! Michael explains in his Foreword, “Walking will expand your limited ideas of self to embrace your local community. Walking will help you to slow down and enjoy this moment now, wherever you happen to be”.”

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