From the Foreword to Deep Kyoto: Walks by Michael Lambe:

Though there is much to learn about Kyoto in the pages that follow, this is not a typical guidebook, with a simple set of directions to sites of historical or architectural import. It is an anthology of meditative walks that expresses each writer’s deeper relationship to the area in which they live. All of the writers in this book have lived in Kyoto long enough to put down roots and call this city their home. They know their neighborhoods with the familiarity of old friends. In the walks that follow they will wander through Kyoto’s streets encountering old and intimate memories, and making new discoveries too. For this old city is alive and ever changing. And in walking these streets and recording their thoughts and feelings, these writers are reaffirming their personal relationship with Kyoto and creating a fine tribute to the city that we love.

Bridget Scott2

Ghosts, Monkeys & Other Neighbours
Bridget Scott meditates on her personal connection to her neighborhood on a well-worn stroll from Shisen-dō to Manshu-in…

Chris Rowthorn in Bhutan

Old School Gaijin Kyoto
Chris Rowthorn takes us on a hilarious tour of the bars and eateries of Kiyamachi as he revisits the haunts of his reckless youth with the ironic eye of experience… LINK


Kamogawa MusingJohn Dougill walking by the Kamo River, the nature reserve that cuts through the heart of Kyoto, muses on history, literature and tradition… LINK


Across Purple FieldsTed Taylor walks to his corner store for a beer and on the way ponders the real meaning of zen and encounters the world… LINK


Blue SkyStephen Henry Gill takes us on an expert guided tour through the poetic and historical landscape of Saga and Arashiyama… LINK


Epilogue: On Foot in the Ancient CapitalJudith Clancy reflects on how long years in Kyoto have changed her way of seeing… LINK

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