insidekyoto“Rather than a guidebook I see it as a kind of literary tribute to Kyoto that will inspire people to come here and discover this wonderful city for themselves. You will learn a lot about Kyoto from reading Deep Kyoto: Walks but it won’t be a set of prescribed routes with dry nuggets of historical or architectural information dotted along them. On the contrary the reader is encouraged to wander, to get lost even, and seek out those hidden delights of Kyoto city life. I think Pico Iyer puts it well in his piece when he says, “the point of my walk… is not to pick up highlights from a guidebook. The low lights are enough.” Everyday life itself is fascinating in Kyoto.”
Interview with Chris Rowthorn for Inside Kyoto.

KVG JULY“…there is something very special about this city, a certain sense of peace and of promise in the air. It really is a pleasure to go for a walk here, for there is so much to see and discover! Not just the famous sites like the great view from the platform of Kiyomizu Temple, or the Zen rock garden of Ryoan-ji, but all those little out-of-the-way places down the side-streets. Kyoto is packed with craft shops and cafes, galleries and gardens, bakeries, bars and tiny road-side shrines… And you are never far from nature either. The city is encircled on three sides by mountains, which provide wonderful hiking trails, or you can take a gentler stroll along one of the tree-lined rivers and canals that bring cool air deep into the center of the city. Going for a walk here really is a joy.”
Interview with Shaheed Rupani for Kyoto Visitor’s Guide.

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