“Bye Bye Genpatsu” Anti-Nuke Event & Demo in Kyoto, March 10th

Here’s another event I will miss while I’m away oop north. Thanks to Stephen Gill for sending this to me.

Bye Bye Genpatsu @ Maruyama Park, Kyoto, Monday March 10th 2012

  • 13:00 Rally at Maruyama Park’s outdoor stage (near the famous weeping cherry tree)
  • 13:15 “Attractions”
  • 14:00 Meeting begins
  • 14:45~ Demo begins. The demonstrators will walk from Maruyama Park to City Hall via Shijo and Kawaramachi Streets.

This promises to be a fun event, with speeches, music, dancing, a small flea market of home-made, eco-friendly goods and a chance to speak your own mind in the “free speech” event too! There will also be a show for the kids called the “Bye Bye Genpatsu Rangers.” Sounds like quite the festival doesn’t it?

For more details of this and other events please check the Bye Bye Genpatsu website (Japanese only).

4 responses to ““Bye Bye Genpatsu” Anti-Nuke Event & Demo in Kyoto, March 10th

  1. A minor correction to the date of anti-nuke event next week – March 10th is Saturday, not Monday.

    Thank you for mentioning this event, it’s reposted now to one of the groups on FB which is read over 1,000 Russian speakers living in Japan:


    P.S.Your website is indeed a great source of insider info on Kyoto. Discovered it only recently after picking up a copy of Kyoto Visitor Guide at Kyoto Station.

  2. 英訳本当にありがとうございます。Monday は Saturday ではないのかとの問い合わせが当方にありました。よろしく訂正お願いします。

  3. Michael Lambe

    Thank you, and my apologies for the error. I wrote the post in a hurry before heading up to Tohoku to do some volunteering work and was unable to correct it while I was away.

  4. Michael Lambe


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