Coming Events for September 2010!

A few weeks ago I created a facebook account for Deep Kyoto in the hopes of interacting better with you the readers (sign me up here please!). My social network has expanded (and is expanding) significantly as a result but another unforseen consequence is that I am constantly being invited to a silly amount of events. Unfortunately I can’t attend them all, but here are a few, mostly (but not all!) at Urbanguild that have caught my eye and that I’m going to try to get to this month…

Sept. 8th (Wednesday) – Living Arts vol.3

Participants: Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Antoine Berthiaume, 毛利桂, AMALSのSKCAJ.
Opens: 18:30 / Starts: 19:30
Tickets in advance: 1500 yen + 1drink / on the door. 2000 yen + 1drink
Location: UrBANGUILD

Sept. 10th (Friday) – JunKroom Vol 16

Participants: Lorenzo Senni (Italy), Miimo (Tokyo), ieva (France), Naked Mozart (USA/Japan), rac_ka (Japan), DJ Sseeaann Rrooee (UK).
Starts: 7.00pm Ends: 1.00am
Tickets in advance/Students: 1500 yen On the door: 1800 yen (includes 1 drink)
Location: Urbanguild

More details from Sean about this event later!

Sept. 17th (Friday) – Damo Suzuki’s Network

Participants: The legendary undergound avant-garde rock vocalist ダモ鈴木, UKON (Bass from SOFT), SHIMIZ (Guitar from SOFT), PON2 (Drums from SOFT), 宮島哉行 (Violin), ryotaro (Accordion), 家口成樹 (Piano/Synthesizer), + DJ’s ナカムラ・イタル (OUTPUT) & Sseeaann Rrooee.
Time: 20:00 – 26:00
Tickets in advance: 2500yen+1drink/On the door: 3000yen+1drink
Location: Urbanguild

Headbanger`s Death Night… First Anniversary

Info: “Headbanger`s Death Night is a metal event held in Kyoto.. It is an all night event with live shows and some metal dj`s who are ready to blow out your brains with extreme music …. It was created to bring back the metal scene in memorial city of Kyoto! With your help we can create a big metal scene… Join us and let the metalheads take over this town!! STAY METAL!! ” LINK

Bands: CROWNED IN RUIN (and more!)
Dj`s: Metal Queen, H metal TZ (and more!), guest Dj`s: Hummer (MORTAL COMBAT), TOYO METAL (METAL NIGHT).
Time: 20:00 – 03:00
Tickets in advance: 2000円 with 1 drink, Facebook members 2000円with 1 drink (say “facebook” at the door), On the door: 2500円 with 1drink.
Location: Sparkle!

More details on this event from Akemy Saldana later!

Urbanguild and Sparkle are both on Kiyamachi. Here are most convenient maps: Urbanguild map, Sparkle map.

For other events in the Kansai area check out Japanzine’s guide for September and for Kyoto Club events this site is invaluable: WATTSUAPPU.

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