Coming very soon, the first publication from Deep Kyoto:

I am very pleased to release the cover for our upcoming publication: Deep Kyoto Walks. Many thanks to Sarah Brayer for allowing us to use her painting “Blue Kyoto” and to Yutaka Nakayama for his cover design.

2 artists. 16 writers. 18 walks. Deep Kyoto Walks will be released initially as an ebook in the very near future. Further details will be posted on this site over the next two weeks, but I am confident that you will all be pleasantly surprised by the content.

6 responses to “Coming very soon, the first publication from Deep Kyoto:

  1. Looking forward to it immensely!

  2. Looks wonderful!

  3. Hugh McAtear

    Dear Michael,

    It was nice to meet on my last visit to Kyoto and look forward to catching
    up on my next visit, probably next month.

    I really enjoyed walking around Kyoto – probably in a rather haphazard fashion;
    so look forward to some good walking ideas from your forthcoming publication.

    Best Regards,


    Hugh McAtear

  4. Michael Lambe

    Thanks Hugh. Nice to hear from you!

  5. Looking forward muchly to the hard copy of the book. It will probably become a must-buy item for visitors to our city. I may purchase several hundred copies myself, then go stand in front of the MK Taxi SkyGate booth in KIX and sell them to individuals and families bound for Kyoto. Then again, I may not.
    In any event, excited to read about walks I might not know.

  6. Michael Lambe

    Thank you Richard. Your contribution to our book is much appreciated!

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