Eclipse ~ A Multidisciplinary Performance on Communication & Light

Sara Aiko Coe sent me the good word on this upcoming event at Nishijin Factory Garden :

Kyoto Nishijin Factory GARDEN and Meyou Kobayashi present a project that experiments with the idea of light and how people communicate and miscommunicate with one another or in groups. Three artists currently living in Kyoto, will improvise three body movement pieces; solely and collaboratively. In addition, two guest artists from Los Angeles, USA have been invited to widen the collaboration’s scope.

MEYOU KOBAYASHI from Saitama (Movement Art)

MINA KAWAI from Kyoto (Dancer)

IKON CHIBA from Egypt (Visual Artist + Filmmaker)

MOTOKO HONDA from Los Angeles (Electric Piano)

JESSE GILBERT from Los Angeles (Sound + Software Artist)
Jesse Gilbert is the creator of the interactive 3D visual instrument”SpectralGL”:

SpectralGL is a visual instrument that employs an interactive software system to generate real-time 3D animation in response to live or recorded sound.  Employing a number of computational analytical tools, including Fourier analysis and oscilloscope-style waveform deformation, SpectralGL reveals the deep structure of sound in a visual language that is both intuitively and aesthetically linked to our emotional experience of music.  SpectralGL’s interface gives the performer the means to generate highly dynamic 3D scenes that place the observer in a visual relationship that both enhances and reflects on the process of listening.  In addition, SpectralGL’s ability to overlay digital media onto its 3D surface expands upon traditional notions of presentation of the moving image, and of the relationship between sound and image.
Click here
for recent examples of real-time animation created with SpectralGL.


Here are the details:

Dates & Time: 26th & 27th November from 6pm

Ticket: 2000 ¥
Under 15 years: 500 ¥
Seniors & the disabled: Free

or call 077-4-77-8487

There will also be talk sessions and a workshop:

1) 26th of November after the performance:
Workshop of sound & SpectralGL
Fee: Free for performance ticket holders or 1,000 yen.
PLEASE bring your own instrument to experiment with the NEW software”SpectralGL” together!

2) 27th of November after the performance: 14:00~15:00
An interview with Jesse Gilbert ~ What is SpectralGL?
Fee: Free for performance ticket holders or 1000yen
Free of admission for children under 7 years

Location: Nishijin Factory Garden
Kyoto-shi, Kamigyou-ku Jofukuji-dori Kamidachiuri-sagaru Ebisu-chou 663
Access: 5 minute walk from Imadegawa-Jofukuji bus stop on routes # 201,
203, 59, 51. 10 minute walk from Senbon-Kamidachiuri bus stop on bus routes #206 and 46
Here is a map.

Thanks Sara!

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