Ensō Watt‎ Perform Clonologic Horizone® at Urbanguild Tomorrow!

Our favorite experimental multi-media performance group will be blowing minds again at Kyoto’s Urbanguild tomorrow night. Don’t miss this if you are free and in town.


Date: 5 November 2016
Time: 19:30–1:00
Venue: UrBANGUILD Kyoto
map : https://goo.gl/maps/wHTfPYvzDEN2
door 2800 yen
adv 2000 yen
student 1500 yen
+1 drink

ensō watt (http://ensowatt.org/)
{electronics, spatialization}
Samuel André ( aka ieva ) http://ieva.free.fr/e

{scenario, poetry }
Chris Mosdell http://chrismosdell.com/

{composer, conductor, percussionist}
Yannick Paget http://www.yannickpaget.com/

{piano }
江南泰佐 Taisuke Enami http://otodamaradio.blog16.fc2.com/

{accordeon synth}
ryotaro http://www.ryotaro.info/

岡田康孝 Okada Yasutaka  

Christopher Fryman

{live video mapping}
Andy Couzens & Masato Tokumaru

noriyuki yoshimura

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