Haiku Workshop with Ted Taylor @ Sakura Ryokan

Just a quick post to say that our pal, Ted Taylor, will present a regular English haiku workshop at Sakura Ryokan from December 7th (tomorrow!). The lesson is free of charge and no reservation is necessary. Sakura Ryokan is located south of Gojo on the east side of Aburanokoji Street. Here is a map. The workshop begins at 8pm. More details here.

2 responses to “Haiku Workshop with Ted Taylor @ Sakura Ryokan

  1. You write “regular”: is the frequency / day / time… decided ?
    I wasn’t free today but would love to join next time !

  2. I’m not sure about that. They may be doing it to fit in with Ted’s rather fluid schedule… I’ll ask him and see.

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