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I’ve noticed that a lot of people discover Deep Kyoto, when googling for Cafe Peace. Sadly, Kyoto’s famous animal-loving emporium of vegan fake meats, Heartland beer and happy hippy clutter closed earlier this year. However, the ideals of Cafe Peace are continued each year at the annual and ever popular vegetarian festival, and as for eateries, in Kyoto, vegetarians are spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of top vegan restaurants in the city. Just click on the name to read more about them.

The following restaurants are entirely vegan:

Cafe Proverbs [15:17], a new vegan restaurant that took over the old Cafe Peace location on Hyakumanben. Cafe Proverbs has more of an emphasis on good health than animal loving, the menu is good, it’s non-smoking and the staff are very friendly. The interior design however, with it’s plastic seating and glaring lights, is not as comfy as the old style cosiness of Cafe Peace. Map.

Kairasu: Good Japanese style set lunches in a comfortable, arty atmosphere. Map.

Sunny Place: Fake meats cooked in a Japanese style. Cosy and friendly and healthy to boot! Map.

Hale: Tucked away in a machiya just of Nishiki market, this restaurant specializes in yuba dishes. Map.

Mikoan: Affordable shojin ryori, jazz music, Guinness beer and shaved cats (in boxes). Map.

The following restaurants serve both vegan and non-vegan dishes:

Mole: Ambient music, lots of greenery, delicious chickpea curries, and humous sandwiches… Map.

Sunshine Cafe: Lots and lots of healthy organic goodies. Map.

Raju Indian Restaurant: They do a very good vegetarian set for ¥1,300. Map.

Falafel Garden: Crispy golden balls of goodness. Map.

Earth Kitchen Company: An organic bento shop. Vegan lunch boxes are also available. Map.

Obanzai: All you can eat, organic buffet. Map.

Vegetarian and Organic food supplies can be found here.

Online supplies can be found here.

I shall add more to this list as and when I find them. In the meantime recommendations are always welcome at There’s also a list of vegetarian restaurants that includes some shojin ryori temples up on Happy Cow.

3 responses to “In Search of… Cafe Peace

  1. Karl---we met the other night

    went to a place near kitaoji shirakawa on sunday called village—really amazing vegetarian food and drinks with mellow atmosphere and beautiful staff

  2. And some shojin bibinbap at the Korean place opposite Iyemon Salon. Forgot the name, and can’t be bothered to fish the card out of my pocket, but it’s on the corner opposite Iyemon Salon. Not saying it’s delicious, just saying it’s vegetarian. And every eatery at the Hyatt Regency can do veggie stuff if you tell them what you can and can’t eat. I think the basement of Sfera does veggie lunches, and there are veggie meals in the grounds of Ryoanji (yudofu), Kodaiji (shojin) and some other place I forgot.

  3. Hi Karl – Yes, I have eaten at Village a few times. It’s an organic restaurant with some vegetarian options. However, sometimes the staff there are a little too mellow. They once kept me waiting an hour and a half for a simple set meal (鯖定食)that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. At the time the place was empty, so they weren’t busy and my gentle hints that I was getting very hungry were simply ignored. I’m afraid that put me off the place and I haven’t been back since.

    And Nick – thanks! I see you’ve been busy! I think I know the Korean place you mentioned. It’s actually a tea shop right?

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