Japan Cat Network

Carol Kosloski says,

Japan Cat Network, a cat rescue group that I volunteered with when I was in Japan, is looking into doing a seminar in Osaka or Kyoto (wherever attracts more interest) for information on cat and kitten rescue, using a trap, TNR, setting up a comfortable cage, general cat related health and animal welfare information.
Japan Cat Network is located in Shiga, and helps out with cat rescue in Osaka and Kyoto, as well as in Shiga and other parts of Kansai.
They are looking at doing this on a Sunday. No set location for it yet, just looking to see who might be interested. The idea is to do this now, in hopes of raising awareness before kitten season, in hopes of reducing the number of unwanted kittens who will be born in the spring.
The group also does a lot of networking, and is always looking for volunteers. They’re also happy to help and advise people, though their resources get stretched pretty thin — they’re also active in Fukushima, and that eats up a lot of resources.
They are on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/japancatnetwork/, they also have a webpage at http://japancatnet.com/.

Please contact Japan Cat Network directly at their website if you would like to help.

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