Reiko Kamiyama Exhibition at Cafe Bibliotic Hello

This collaborative exhibition that started yesterday at Cafe Bibliotic Hello features the paintings of an old friend of mine: Reiko Kamiyama (aka Leo Voize). Way back in 1997, when I first arrived in Japan on the JET program, I was sent to live in Fukushima, and Reiko was one of my very first students! Fast forward 15 years and now she is an artist based in Tokyo. I was very surprised when I got her message saying she was in town yesterday and very happy to see her too!

Here she is surrounded by her own art and also the paper sculptures of Chie Hitotsuyama.

Reiko’s art tends to be very colourful…

…but recently images of trees have been recurring in her works. Their deep strength and power made a strong impression on her when walking in the mountains and forests of Fukushima. The one above is titled “SOU-GO-FU-JO” which means mutual aid.

Want to see more? This exhibition continues until November 30th. You can find the main exhibit on the second floor above the bread shop at Cafe Bibliotic Hello. The cafe itself is located on the corner of Yanaginobanba/Nijo. Watch out for some oversized palm leaves. Here is a map.

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