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Talk by Robert Yellin at the Gael, Kyoto, April 23rd

Mr. Yellin knows his pots.

Our favorite pottery expert, Robert Yellin is giving a talk at the Gael pub in Gion. The event will be from 4.00-6.00 on on April 23rd. This is a Writers in Kyoto (WiK) event so Wik members get in free (after John Dougill has strong-armed them out of their renewal fees) and ordinary humans pay a paltry 500 yen to hear one of Kyoto’s most entertaining speakers. If you think you are not interested in ceramics, let Robert open your eyes not only to their beauty but also to their rich spiritual and cultural worth. Here’s John Dougill with the good word on this event:

Local personality Robert Yellin will share his journey into the fascinating world of Japanese pottery. He first became known to many of us through his column in the Japan Times, which showed a deep sensitivity and appreciation of the artworks described. For years he was based near Shizuoka, and after moving to Kyoto a few years ago and opening his gallery, he has become a popular figure in the city’s creative circles. He’s also been much in demand internationally, giving talks at several leading institutions in Europe and the US, in addition to which he’s a dedicated tennis player and Facebook poster with a growing reputation for the beauty of his photographs. How did his love of ceramics develop, what brought him to Japan, and how did he make the contacts which enabled him to build a unique career as a foreign dealer with his own gallery? This illustrated talk promises to be quite an event, and to celebrate the occasion Robert will bring along a Kamakura era cup (13th century). In passing this around, the audience will be creating a communal bond by adding to its 800 year old history. ‘Ichigo ichie’ runs the Japanese saying – a one time only meeting. Please be sure to come early to ensure that you have a good seat.

This is a strictly non-smoking event. (Hurray!)

The Gael is on the second floor of a building just to the north of Minami-za, Kyoto’s kabuki theatre at Shijo Kawabata. Please see here for details about the location: http://irishpubkyoto.com/en/index.html.

Doors open – 4.00. Entrance ¥500 (free for WiK members renewing the membership fee of ¥3000).

Talk – 4.30 (about 45 mins talk followed by questions)

Socialising -5.30-6.00

From 6.00 the pub will be open to the public (smoking allowed). (Boo!)