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Well Hello There DeepKyoto Readers!

This is Peko, I am a foodie and write a blog called KyotoFoodie and I have been given the honor of being a guest contributor here on DeepKyoto. I can’t believe my luck!

Allow me to burnish my credentials; this is a photo of me and the greatest chef on earth!


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Introducing Peko

deep-pekoAnother guest contributor has joined our ranks! Gourmet Peko writes:

I write a blog site called KyotoFoodie that is devoted to the culinary culture of Kyoto. And what a culinary culture Kyoto has! Blogging has been quite an adventure. I’ve helped make sake and umeshu at one of the oldest breweries in Fushimi, a 540 year old soba restaurant showed us how they make their famous broth and I just finished documenting an Iron Chef defeater’s Kyoto-style Osechi and Oshogatsu kaiseki. KyotoFoodie has led to several book offerers but I am really researching the history and development of manga. Another very interesting story. I’ve lived in Kyoto for 10 years now and am always amazed at all the things, people and places that I have not yet discovered.

Thank you, Peko! In addition to KyotoFoodie, Peko maintains Kyoto Support Forum, a very useful source of information on all things Kyoto! Peko will be keeping us updated every month on the latest doings on his superb blog.