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Deep Kyoto was created in June 2007 as a website for Kyoto residents and tourists, introducing those good places and people that make up the modern city. The primary focus of the blog was originally on cafes, bars and restaurants of character. Food and drink, with a focus on vegetarian and organic fare, still remains a major emphasis. However, over time Deep Kyoto has grown and evolved and now you will find articles in all of the following categories: art, crafts & photography; music, dance & performance, city design & conservation; book reviews, poetry & protest; flea markets, festivals, shrines & temples; museums, parks & gardens; walks & meditations and more! Guest contributors Ian Ropke, John Dougill and Keiji Minato have expanded the blog’s scope still further with articles on Kyoto’s culture and tradition.

In addition Deep Kyoto has formed strong links with the magazine Kyoto Journal, the conservation group People Together for Mt. Ogura (P.T.O.), the Hailstone Haiku Circle, Tohoku disaster relief N.P.O. IDRO JAPAN, and most recently with the Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration who are working to preserve traditional machiya townhouses and machiya culture in this great city.

 Please note that many of the places recommended on this website are not found in your average travel guide, and may require you to dust off your phrasebook and practice some basic Japanese. Deep Kyoto is also my excuse to venture deeper into the Japanese community, and to learn still more about this city and its people. To that end, if you have any recommendations for me, please send them here: m.0.luain.23[at]gmail.com. However, remember that if I don’t like it, I don’t review it. Life is just too short.

Disclaimer: Please note that the author of this blog is not able to help people find work or accommodation in the city of Kyoto. Please also remember that Deep Kyoto is a blog and that the information and prices quoted here, though correct at the time of posting, are subject to change. Many of the reviews are now six years old (!) so if you spot some information that is now incorrect, please do not hesitate to let me know, either in the comments or by email: m.0.luain.23[at]gmail.com (The 0 is a zero and the [at] is an @ !)

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4 Responses to About Deep Kyoto

  1. Stephen Massil

    I was in Kyoto in 1986 and unguided came across a fairly substantial store with textiles and so forth. I bought three high quality painted handkercheifs – since dispensed to old friends, as I thought but no-one remembers receiving one. I was there in 2007 and found no such quality examples or any likely shops and there wasn’t time to investigate
    I shall be again in Kyoto for a few days in April and shall hope to track these down
    Do you have advice as to what I am looking for and whether there might be different categories of such textiles, I repeat, fine cloth with apparently painted (flowery?) tracings, the size of a handkerchief rather than a scarf or tray cloth but not of a small-pocket size
    My other interest is to find a good-quality shakuhachi flute
    I shall be staying at :
    The Royal Park Hotel: Kawaramachi Higashi-iru,Sanjo-dori,Nakagyo-ku
    and while I shall be happy to explore the neighbour thoroughly, I shall be prepared to go further afield to track these items down
    With thanks for any advice
    Stephen Massil

  2. Michael Lambe

    Let me get back to you on that…

  3. andy painter

    Howdy! Just wanted to pass the word on an exceptional music event happening in Osaka on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th at 8pm. Hope this isn’t taken as spam…
    Julien Quentin, my good buddy, is an internationally renowned musician who connects the worlds of techno, improvisation, and electronic music. Having toured most of the major concert halls of the world as a classical pianist, on March 17, 2013 Julien is bringing his electronic set to Osaka, Japan for the very first time. At ease with a wide range of musical styles, his eclectic mix of Detroit, minimal and techno music—combined with stellar synth work in real time—will blow your mind. Join us in the posh, intimate space at Saruoh (Monkey King) Restaurant just one block from the Apple Store in Shinsaibashi on St. Patrick’s Evening, March 17, at 8pm. Admission is only 1500 yen and includes a delicious buffet provided by the Saruoh chefs. See you there!

    カサドマートビル 1F

  4. Michael Lambe

    Thank you Andy,

    As this blog is strictly about Kyoto, I won’t be posting your event on here, but I can share it on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/deep.kyoto

    Best wishes,

    Michael Lambe

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