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Deep Kyoto is back! – Again!

First, my apologies for the long absence. After being hacked three times in as many months it became clear that just fixing the immediate problem and taking all the normal security steps was not enough.  So to protect your computers from any more malicious scareware attacks we have moved to a new and more secure host server and hopefully (please God!) that will put an end to it. Some readers were concerned that I was being singled out personally for these attacks, but no. These were global attacks targeting  random wordpress sites for the purpose of general information theft. And all I can say about that is – Hilary Kneber has a lot to answer for.

Many thanks are due to Xavier Olive for stepping in to help out with the transfer. He has obviously put a lot of time into getting DK up and running again and he did so purely out of his own goodwill. A thousand blessings upon him!

Next, while offline I have been thinking of ways in which to interact with you all more effectively and make this more of a community site. So Deep Kyoto now has it’s very own facebook identity as opposed to the old group page (which was a bit useless really).  If you are on facebook, please sign up as a friend of Deep Kyoto here.
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And now on with the blog! I have so many good things and so many events to report on! Last Sunday, for example, our old friend Koichi Yoshida had a shakuhachi performance at Zac Baran, – but no! No time for that now! I shall tell you more about that later…
Here to finish off this eclectic post, some Blues. Here is a short clip from an event I attended on July 19th at Cafe Barbatica in Kitayama. Enjoy!