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Flamenco & Piano by Carmen Alvarez & Ikeda Ippei at Bar Sesamo 8/15

Our friend Carmen Alvarez, accompanied by Jazz pianist Ikeda Ippei, will be giving a flamenco song & dance performance at bar Sesamo on the 15th August. The charge is 2000 yen and the show starts at 9pm. Details on the flyers below:
carmen 1 Carmen 2Bar Sesamo is in the basement of the Ebisu Kaikan building, one street north of Sanjo and east of Kawaramachi.

Happy in Kyoto

Look what I found! And nicely timed with the sakura too – what could be happier than that? There’s some neat skipping here. Watch and enjoy!

Hanezu Odori – Dance performance at Kyoto’s Zuishin-in Temple


From the Japan Times,

Girls in pale pink traditional costumes will dance and sing in a “Hanezu Odori” performance at Zuishin-in Temple in Kyoto on March 30.

The performance will be held three or four times during the day. The temple is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, and admission will be ¥1,000.

The temple is a five-minute walk from Ono Station on the Tozai Line.

For more info please, visit (in Japanese) or 075-571-0025075-571-0025.

See also: Zuishin-in ~ A Refuge in Ono

Sailing Without the Wind: A Performance by Peter Golightly & Bruno the Bad Boy

Billed as a “evening of music, dance and life”, this show looks to be amazing and it bears a very important message…

Peter vs Bruno Flyer

Peter Golightly has kindly written to tell us more about it:

“I’m a long time Kyoto resident and I’ve been doing the dance singing theater thing for better than 30 years here. Bruno has been around for about 18 years. He’s a performance artist who started as a go-go boy with Japan’s first western style drag show “Diamond Night” before turning activist in the late 90’s.

We’ve been working with a group called “It Gets Better” a support group that uses video testimonials to reach out to at risk youth to let them know that even though things may seem hopeless, ”It gets better”. Our target group is LGBT youth, but the program reaches out to anyone who may be thinking that life isn’t worth suffering through.

This performance is kind of a pre-performance to a project that I’m working on with the US Consulate (I’ve recently met with the Embassy staff as well). I’ve written a play called “Medea’s Daughter” and we’re working to have it performed at the Consulate later this year. Bruno will be performing several of my songs as a part of this coming project which we are calling “Conversations With Sappho”. “Sappho” being the protagonist in my play. “Conversations”, because we are proposing a panel discussion as part of the event.

“Sailing Without the Wind” is a two part performance, with both Bruno and I singing songs of pain, hope, love and triumph. Our song lists range from standards (Wonderful World, Close Your Eyes), to Japanese Pops (Makka na Taiyou, Tsubasa Kudasai), to Modern Pop music (Adele’s Someone Like You), to my original songs. Bruno will be singing primarily in Japanese, and I in English, but we each cross over quite a bit.

Accompanying both of our sets is my long time collaborator Kaoru Nakanishi on the piano (though most people may know his face from the DJ booth at various Kansai club events including Diamond Night at the Metro), and Junji Ishida on the violin. Junji is an even older friend who I am happy to be reconnecting with.

In addition to the two 30+minute sets, Junji will do a one man mini-set using his violin and an elotronic looping system. Bruno will conduct one of his notorious “Kamishibai Sing-a-longs”, and Peter will perform his latest performance art piece, “Sailing With out the Wind”, a tri-lingual (Swedish, Japanese, and English) song, dance and marionette piece.

There are two shows 2:00pm and 6:30pm. Each performance lasts about two hours. There will be a 20 minute break between Bruno’s show and mine, and drinks and “T” shirts and copies of my children’s book/play “Monster Time” will be sold.”

Thank you Peter! I’m very much looking forward to catching your show!

Peter vs Bruno Flyer reversePerformance Details:
Date: Sunday July 21st
1st Stage Opens: 1.30 / Starts: 2.00
2nd Stage Opens: 18.00 / Starts: 18.30
Location: Rokkaku N Building 6F (Between Tominokoji and Yanaginobanba on the south side of Rokkaku St. Here is a map.)
Advance Tickets: 2300 yen / On the Door: 2500 yen (Grade schoolers ¥1000, JR. high~ high school students: ¥1500, College students & Seniors: ¥2300)
Contact: petergolightly[at]

SONORIA by Hanna Preuss December 1st & 2nd @ Atelier Gekken

Thanks to Micah Gampel for the following event information:

Please come for live performance art from Europe and special event
this Saturday and Sunday December 1st & 2nd. Celebrating the anniversary of 20 years of friendship between Slovenia and Japan. With a short film of a Bunraku collaboration performed last Saturday in Wachi, Kyoto. You will enjoy a performance of Sonorous Theatre presented by Hanna Preuss, a well known composer and director based in Ljubljana Slovenia. Her company are once again in Kyoto at Atelier GEKKEN with SONORIA. Natasha Burger a well known film actress from Prague and Slovenia will perform in a sonorous soundscape of light and image in abstract choreographed movement. A solo performance employing powerful surround sound to tell a story with deep existential meaning but in a very gentle way.

SONORIA by Hanna Preuss Saturday December 1st & Sunday 2nd, at Atelier Gekken

Saturday from 4pm
Sunday from 2pm
1,500 yen each day

Location: Atelier GEKKEN (アトリエ劇研)
Three blocks east of Shimogamohondori at the intersection with Kitaojidori, on the north side you`ll see the Atelier Gekken building on the left. Here is a map:
Address: 1 Shimogamo Tsukamoto cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto (京都左京区下鴨塚本町1)

Tel: 075-791-1966

Read about SONORIA at

花 Flower – A Dance Performance @ Urbanguild, Friday October 26th

No excuses for missing this Friday’s dance performance at Urbanguild! Not only is the event NON-SMOKING (!) – but this will be the first time for a superb trio of local dancers to perform together. Bridget says,

It will be the debut of us 3 dancers (Bridget Scott, Heidi S. Durning and Rosa Yuki) as a trio.
The performance is called “Hana Flower”, our different interpretations and manifestations.
See how we bloom.

Due to the sensitivity of flowers, there will be no smoking at Urbanguild that night.

Blossoms be with you!


Heidi S. Durning (dance)
Bridget Scott (dance)
Rosa ゆき (dance)
ryotaro (music)

Doors Open: 18:30 / Show starts: 19:30
Advance tickets: 2000 yen with one drink
On the door: 2300 yen with 1 drink

From Sanjo Dori go down Kiyamachi Dori. This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream. Urbanguild is on the east side (left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo). Walk approximately 150 metres. Its on the 3rd floor of the New Kyoto Building – access by elevator or stairs. Here’s a map. Continue reading

Nuit Blanche in Kyoto – Friday October 5th 2012

News from Caroline Téjédor:

Nuit Blanche is an annual art festival held in October every year in Paris. This event provides people the opportunities to enjoy modern arts at night. Nuit Blanche earned a good reputation in the world and has been held in several cities such as Brussels, Montreal and Singapore.

In succession of last year, the City of Kyoto, which is a sister city of Paris, will celebrate this event for the second time. To present a more powerful show, the arena of the festival and the number of participating artist have been greatly expanded. Enjoy the colorful night of Kyoto adorned with performances and concerts by French and Japanese artists.

Most importantly – admission is FREE.

Check the Nuite Blanche Kyoto site for full details of the schedule and locations.

Shakuhachi & Flamenco Live with Yugao – This Weekend!

Our old friend the shakuhachi player, Koichi Yoshida, and his band Yugao have an autumn show at Zac Baran this weekend and the wonderful flamenco dancer Carmen Alvarez is back from Spain to join the performance! You can see some clips of Carmen in action with Yugao from a performance last year here. A little birdy tells me that Koichi is planning to move to France soon… so this might well be our last chance to see this unique blending of musical cultures here in Kyoto for quite some time.

Blending jazz, classical, traditional Japanese and Indian music, Kyoto’s most popular fusion ensemble forms something a little greater than the sum of its parts. Three years of tinkering with structures and honing sonorities have only made this new and arresting sound even harder to classify — and more difficult to forget. Don’t miss your chance to hear YUGAO, live at ZAC BARAN!

From the top left clockwise: Yoshida Koichi (shakuhachi), Ikeda Ippei (piano), William Prunkl (cello) and Fujisawa Bayan (tabla).

8th (Saturday) Open: 18:30 / Start: 19:30
9th (Sun) Open: 17:00 / Start: 18:00
Advance tickets: 2000 yen / On the door: 2500 yen

Location: Zac Baran is a legendary cafe/bar/music spot on the north side of Marutamachi a short walk east of Higashioji Dori. Here is a map.

To learn more about Yugao and their music please visit their website. You can also view several videos of their performances there.

Links to the performers’ websites:
Yoshida Koichi
Ikeda Ippei
Fujisawa Bayan
Carmen Alvarez

Summer Spirits Reviewed

Christopher Fryman and his friends put on a splendid show with Summer Spirits last Sunday. Opening with a fanfare of trumpets the musicians and dancers paraded into Urbanguild before settling into a carnivalesque performance of what Christopher calls “structured improvisation”. Basically he gives the musicians some loose musical themes to play with and then they take it where they will. The rather heavy symbolism of this performance (money, rockets etc) was a little too pat for me, but this was more than made up for by the joyous and colourful performance of the dancers and the array of profound talent among the assembled musicians. In the second half the team got together again for a free jam session. Unfettered by scripts they let their hair down in a celebration of free expression. Christopher himself belied his years by singing and dancing as well as playing his signature trumpet. Ever youthful, it is astonishing to me that he was celebrating his 71st birthday. Long may he continue to sing, dance, play and create ever more wonderful shows!

Summer Spirits ~ A Non-Smoking Event at Urbanguild!!!

On August 19th (Sunday) Christopher Fryman  and Friends present a new production:

Summer Spirits ~ A Tale of The Earth – Dance and Music Performance.

Rather an impressive list of performers on this one, so should be good, and pretty amazingly it is NO SMOKING (except outside by the elevators) which I think is pretty much a first for Urbanguild. I think we should all show the management there what a good idea this is by attending. This is also by the way, a birthday celebration for two of the team members – Christopher Fryman and Takechiyo Mariya. Further details below:

Dancers and performers:

Christopher Fryman (trumpet, computer)
James Barrett (trumpet)
Rabito Arimoto (trumpet, bass clarinet)
Yamakyo (clarinet)
Misuzu (dance)
Shoko (violin)
Yumiko (Violin)
Ito Makoto (sax)
Bun ITO (synthesizer, guitar)
Komaki (Drums)
Takechiyo Mariya (dance)
Peter Golightly (Dance/Voice/Cello)
Andrew Couzens (Video )
Mari Kamei (Set design / artist)

Opens: 18:30 / Starts: 19:30

Tickets in advance: 2000 yen with 1drink / On the door: 2300 yen with 1drink

From Sanjo Dori go down Kiyamachi Dori. This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream. Urbanguild is on the east side (left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo). Walk approximately 150 metres. Its on the 3rd floor of the New Kyoto Building – access by elevator or stairs. Here’s a map.