Happy in Kyoto

Look what I found! And nicely timed with the sakura too – what could be happier than that? There’s some neat skipping here. Watch and enjoy!

4 responses to “Happy in Kyoto

  1. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful video.

  2. Your blog very good in orienting us for a Kyoto visit last weekend Michael, thanks. In an indirect way. Fringe vision is the place where the most interesting discoveries occur. Not all written up at blog yet, will need something bigger than iPad mini with which I’m travelling.

    We were about to cross the road to Yasaka Shrine on Saturday morning when a great little parade came down the street. The first item in this collation:
    Perhaps you can throw light on it. Such a cultural and social mix.
    I see children with a banner saying eikoh… From here perhaps.
    The geisha charming. The big wigs in front?

  3. Michael Lambe

    Hi Dennis,

    The banner at the front of the parade reads 春の全国交通安全運動 which basically means “Spring Campaign for National Road Safety”. So basically they were reminding people to drive safely, wear their seatbelts… that kind of thing. I guess the presence of the children was to emphasize why this is important! Thanks for the link to your blog and I’m glad you enjoyed your stay!

    Best wishes,


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