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Chakra Indian Restaurant

We found another great curry place! Mewby and I stumbled across Chakra last night while out for an evening stroll, and although we hadn’t intended to eat out, we were tempted in at the thought of Bengal curry goodness…

There are a lot of choices on the menu, and everything seems pretty reasonably priced. There are also a lot of vegetarian/vegan options: 8 different veggie curries to choose from! Mewby being carnivorous chose a chicken korma (1,200 yen):

chicken korma

And I had a Shaee vegetable korma (1100 yen). Both of our meals were delicious.


The sweet naan (500 yen) we ordered to accompany our meals was the star attraction though. Packed with dried fruits and coconut, we both loved it.


Chakra is on the corner of Gojo and Higashioji at the bottom of the Kiyomizu slope – an area that basically shuts down in the evenings, so I think this restaurant gets most of its business at lunchtime. If you go in the evening, it’s nice and quiet, and the background ethnic music is gentle on ears the too. Bento lunch boxes (700 yen) and takeaway meals are also available. All in all, we were very happy with our Chakra experience and will definitely be back to try more items on the menu.


Godfather & Cobra Indian beers available!

Open: Monday – Sunday: 11:00 – 22:00
TEL:  075-525-1260
Email: ashishich@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chakra.kyoto
Location: On the west side of Higashioji Street just north of Gojo at the bottom of Gojozaka. The Gojo Zaka bus stop is right outside. Here is a MAP.

Introducing Organic Kyoto

Here’s a valuable new resource for health loving Deep Kyotoites: a very well laid-out site with a tonne of useful information!
organic KyotoOrganic Kyoto was created by Kyoto resident Alice Miyagawa and launched on 16th August 2013. Living in Japan since 2002, she realised it would be a great service to have a comprehensive website that could be found by searching the English keywords “organic” and “Kyoto”. Continue reading

Matsuontoko – Vegan Burger Cafe

Though there are quite a large number of vegetarian establishments in Kyoto, most of them are located in the north of the city, and the few there are in the city center tend to sell nothing that isn’t healthy and nutritious. Good vegan junk food is pretty hard to come by. There used to be a branch of Speakeasy on Shijo that did a passable veggie burger, but that closed down back in 2010. Since then our vegan brethren have been denied the delights of fast and convenient processed treats at a convenient location and forced to endure a steady diet of tofu and wholegrain rice. No more! Vegan cafe Matsuontoko is here to save the day, slap bang in the center of town, with a fine array of vegan fake-meats!


So convincing are these fake-meats that one of Mewby’s friends was half-way through her “kara-age” before she realised it wasn’t chicken at all. And that was only because Mewby told her.

The "kara-age"

The “kara-age”

“Really,” Mewby told me. “You’ll be amazed.”
“Well, alright then.” I said. So I went. And here’s my order.


How good was it? Very good. The bread was actually really nice too. I was entirely satisfied. But I decided to pig out on onion rings anyway. They were nice sweet onions and non too greasy.


And for a mere two hundred yen extra you get a lovely little cup of tofu ice-cream, cream and vegan brownies.


In short, whether you are vegan or no, if have a hankering for fast food at a reasonable price, Matsuontoko is the place to go.

Matsuontoko is just east of Shinkyogoku, three streets up from Shijo. Here is a map. Check the website for other items on the menu. There are a lot of choices.
Open: 11:00~24:00 (Last Orders: 23:00)
Tel: 075-251-1876

Lovers of vegan burgers may also be interested in: Morpho Cafe

Morpho Cafe

The concept of Morpho is “Vegan” which doesn’t use animal foods. Anything can be eaten easily in the present age, so various health problems have arisen… Those with an unbalanced diet and people with food allergies would benefit from the healthy vegan foods offered at Morpho cafe. A delicious meal can be prepared using “veggie meat” similar to animal meat.
-From the Morpho Cafe menu

Many thanks to the members of Kyoto Book Club who first introduced me to Morpho Cafe. Unfortunately on that occasion I had promised to meet Mewby for dinner later on,  and so could only watch in hapless envy as my companions ordered and consumed the most fantastic looking vegan meals and cakes. I’m happy to say that I finally persuaded Mewby to come up Horikawa with me on Sunday and the food was just as good as it looked!

Here’s my soy meat burger. It was everything I had dreamed it would be.

And here’s Mewby’s “chicken nanban set”, that was on the daily special’s menu. Continue reading

Kyoto Vegetarian Festival 2011 @ Bukkoji Temple October 9th

Many thanks to Kyle Mutrie for sending me details of this year’s Vegetarian Festival. I’m delighted to learn that, having relocated this year, it is a five minute walk from my house! Kyle himself will be performing a guitar solo from 10.30. And in addition to that, and all the food, there will be dancing, juggling, music of all genres and discussion (including a “Talk Show” with Green Action Japan’s Aileen Mioko Smith). Check the schedule for details of the day’s events and the shop list for info on the vegan  food and goods available.

The event will take place, rain or shine, on Sunday October 9th from 10.00 am until 16.30. Entry is entirely free, however the organizers do ask that people bring their own eating utensils to reduce trash. Bukkoji Temple is south of Shijo and about five minutes walk east of Hankyu Karasuma station. Here is a map.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at Tadg’s this Thursday at 7pm and Sunday starting 7pm.
Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Special Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 3,500 yen

Creamy hummus with smoked paprika with our toasted Walnut and Pumpkin seed whole wheat bread.
Winter vegetable soup,garlic croutons,olive oil.
Marinated vegetable salad.
Roasted organic veggies with red wine and shallot sauce on steamed Quinoa.
Herb and garlic roast potatoes, Vegan creamed potatoes.
Vegan Pumpkin pie and custard.

To find Tadg’s walk straight up Kiyamachi from Sanjo, before you get to Oike you should see the Empire building on your right. Tadg’s is on the 8th floor. Click here for a most convenient map.

See this previous post if you still have a hankering for a piece of Pedro.

Deep Kyoto & Tadg’s

Right then! I’m off to Bali for a week and will be resolutely offline during the interval so there’ll be no more posts for a wee while, but before I go a short word of explanation. The astute among you may have noticed the appearance of a black box on the upper right of this page which proudly bears the name “Tadg’s”.

It looks like this (only smaller):

I’m pleased to announce that Tadg Mc Loughlin has agreed to become Deep Kyoto’s first official sponsor! Fond as I am of good food and tasty beverages, I don’t think I could have found a better partner. Tadg’s Irish bar and restaurant has a phenomenal selection of craft beers on tap (just check out the list on his site! go on click it!), and a fantastic menu. As I don’t eat meat myself, I’m particularly keen on the vegan selection. Take a look at Tadg’s legendary vegan pizza :

Mediterranean veggies, cheeseless pizza with organic Ise Miso

I ate that you know – and it was gorgeous! I ate this Tuscan bean and vegetable stew too (not at the same time though – that would be silly).

Tadg & Mika

Look at those colours! That’s not just food you know, it’s a beautiful piece of art. It’s poetry – in a bowl.

So there you have it; Tadg’s has great food, great beers, beautiful views over the Kamo river and super friendly staff and (I might be courting controversy here but), it’s also the only real Irish bar in town (in the sense of you know, actually having someone Irish in the place). That’s why I’m more than happy to have Tadg as my sponsor – I’m delighted!
To find Tadg’s walk straight up Kiyamachi from Sanjo, before you get to Oike you should see the Empire building on your right. Tadg’s is on the 8th floor. Click here for a most convenient map.


UPDATE: BAR F.S.N. has moved and is now located here.

Recently I heard that an old friend Philippe Goulier, had opened up his own bar. I was curious to see it. Philippe had always talked about running his own little cafe, or tea house, or restaurant… or something, but it always seemed like it was just talk. It’s awfully nice when people exceed your expectations. Philippe has created a really nice little place. The name F.S.N. stands for Frontieres San Nations. I’ll let you puzzle over what exactly that might mean yourselves…

Burgundian, Philippe Goulier – a man of many talents.

Continue reading

Tadg’s Irish Bar and Restaurant

The Home of Craft Beer in Kyoto

Meet the family: Jimmy, Tadg, Mika, and Ben.

Four years since it first opened, the Irish pub formerly known as Mc Loughlin’s has been renamed as Tadg’s. Not a big change really, as I think everyone was calling it that anyway. I’ve written previously about this pub; its friendly hospitality and the fantastic views over the river and city. And Tadg’s cooking is also justifiably renowned; he uses locally grown organic vegetables in his many fine creations and the menu features an impressive vegan section. All that aside though, this bar’s most impressive feature is the selection of craft beers: Rogue, Ise Kadoya, Minoh, Yeti Imperial Oak and Victory at Sea… I had a snifter of the latter last night; a fine coffee flavored porter with hints of bitter chocolate like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Absolutely gorgeous. Continue reading

Sunday at the Vegan Earth Festival

The sun was out and so were the crowds for Sunday’s Vegan Earth Day festival.

Amir from Falafel Garden - smiling the smile of good business.

Now obviously, the big thing at this kind of event is the food (apparently there’s no meat in it - but it still tastes ok!), but even if you aren’t hungry, just wandering around people-watching is pretty entertaining. I saw some familiar faces – like Falafel Garden‘s Amir for example. And then there were the unfamiliar faces of these handsome brutes – the men who sell Otokomae Tofu! Continue reading