Book & Bed (+Beer) Hostel Opens in Kyoto


The Book & Bed Hostel who opened their first branch in Tokyo in late 2015 are opening a new hostel in Gion entertainment district of Kyoto this December. This time the minds behind this bibliophile’s dream have added a crafty bar space into the mix. I’ve written all about it for the ZenVita blog and you can read that right here: Browse and Carouse at Kyoto’s Newest Hostel: Book & Bed & Beer!

4 responses to “Book & Bed (+Beer) Hostel Opens in Kyoto

  1. Any Christmas recommendations this year? The 2014 post is good, but additions? Thanks

  2. Michael Lambe

    Hi Chris,

    Let me have a look at what’s on and get back to you on that.


  3. Thank you very much. I made a reservation at Tagd’s. They were the only place I could find that was hosting something this year. Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi there,

    Sorry I didn’t find time to write anything up about Christmas activities this year, but actually Tadg’s would have been my recommendation for Christmas dinner anyway. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    Best wishes and happy holidays!


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