Bread Room

Guess what they sell in here.
In my ongoing quest to find the best bakery in Kyoto, I ventured over to Bread Room today. I think it may have overtaken Walder in my estimation as the leading contender. I spent almost 2,000 yen on a variety of baked goods and I wasn’t disappointed by the flavor. First the savories; left to right clockwise: Olive Ciabatta for 180 yen, Potato & Tapénade (artichoke and olive Paste) “Pizza” (not really pizza more like a focaccia) for 240,  and a “Roast Vegetable Sandwich” 320. The sandwich was excellent; heaps of veggies plus hummus and a nice lemony dressing.


Then the sweets; an apple & cranberry muffin (awesome!) for 200 yen and a nice squidgy carrot cake for 210.
And of course the majestic loaf. This one is a multi-grain bread with 16 different grains. Nice and healthy for 750 yen.


img_0989-mediumBread Room is on the south side of Nijo, just east of Fuyacho. There’s a patisserie next door, but I didn’t go in. I’m sweet enough. Here is a map.

Tel: 075-212-5036
Opening hours:9:00-19:00
Closed on Wednesdays and the first and third Thursday of the month. For further details about what’s available and when, click on the image to the right =>.

9 responses to “Bread Room

  1. Danielle Pretty

    Thanks for the awesome tip on the bread room!!! We went there today, and the bread was amazing – best bread we have eaten on our Japan holiday. Your blog is a great source of information, and really enjoyable.
    We sampled many of the baked goodies, and are now polishing off a loaf with cheese.
    Thanks so much, Danielle, Brooke, Amalia and Eva.

  2. Very happy you enjoyed it! And thank you so much for your kind message!

  3. Clare Stehbens

    Your description sounds great but as a newbie to Kyoto I found it hard to locate on the map. Are you able to give any more explicit directions? I live near Nishioji-Hanayacho. PS I don’t speak Japanese

  4. Michael Lambe

    Assuming you know where Kyoto City Hall is (Kyoto Shiyakusho in Japanese if you want to ask for directions), with that as your starting point you want to go to Fuyacho St. which is three streets to the west. Then go two streets north to Nijo St. It’s on the south side of Nijo St., just east of Fuyacho St. Good luck. It’s worth the search!

  5. Michael Lambe

    P.S. I changed the map attached to the article too. Look for the red arrow on the new map.

  6. Clare Stehbens

    My apology for not thanking you earlier for the reply to my query – shall check it out now with these extra directions 🙂

  7. Michael Lambe

    No worries. Hope you found it!

  8. Jessica McMillan

    I went to find this place after reading your blog – it’s moved and has a different name. The bakery is now called “Dough” on Fuyacho Dori, directly down from the Imperial Palace. And the carrot cake was amaaaaazing. Lemon poppy wasn’t bad either.

  9. Michael Lambe

    Thank you, Jessica. I shall have to check that out…

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