Cafe Bibliotic Hello!

Situated on Nijo/Yanagiyabamba, “Cafe Bibliotic Hello” is a converted old machiya, one of the traditional old wooden townhouses of Kyoto. Bring a book with you or just grab one of the many off the walls. Here you can enjoy coffees, teas, cakes, pastries or grab some dinner if you are really hungry. I recommend the “Old Fashioned” a kind of fruit crumble with ice-cream. The atmosphere here is super relaxed, and unlike Starbucks you aren’t expected to leave or order more as soon as your coffee is finished. Here are some pictures. You can click through to flickr for a better look.

To find it just head west on Nijo from Teramachi and look out for the ridiculously oversized palm leaves. Here’s a MAP
Open 12:00 ~ 23:00 every day of the week.
Tel: 075-231-8625

UPDATE 2009: Now has a bakery!

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  1. I’m here now and loving it. Free wifi, mellow and super friendly. Plus books on the wall (shame I can’t understand any though 😉

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