Cafe Kocsi

This is a really lovely cafe on Aneyakoji Dori. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich and you are in the Kawaramachi area, I definitely recommend it. There’s plenty of space, lots of comfy chairs, a peaceful bookish atmosphere and a nice view from the windows over the tiled roofs of Kyoto. Check out the pictures below:

They have a full bar, and refreshments menu alongside a food menu of soups, sandwiches, cakes etc. We had the sandwiches and they were super tasty. The bread lined up in the showcase is home-baked fresh each day. And the dressing they put on their salads is something else. A good-sized ciabatta sandwich will set you back ¥750.To find it go north, one block from Sanjo Dori on Tominokoji Dori and you’ll find a nice white clean looking building on the corner with Aneyakoji. カフェ・コチ is on the second floor. Here is a map.

Opening Hours: 12:00 ~ 23:00 (Last orders at 22:30)
Closed on Thursdays and every fourth Wednesday.
Tel: 075-212-7411

4 responses to “Cafe Kocsi

  1. Michael,
    I’m glad you like Cafe Kocsi but it’s in my blacklist of places I’ll never go again, given how arrogant and rude they were towards my wife and I several years ago, when we dropped by on a rainy day. I also would have appreciated at least a simple “Thank you” from somebody there after I donated some English books, but they couldn’t even manage that. Really low class. . As far as I’m concerned, Cafe Kocsi represents the worst of Kyoto, and I tell anyone who is visiting Kyoto to avoid it.

  2. Michael Lambe

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for commenting here on Deep Kyoto. Your views are always appreciated. I remember you telling me this story before, and it puzzled me as much then as it does now. Not that I doubt you had a bad experience, just that as a long-time, regular customer of this cafe it does seem out of character. I wonder who was serving you and what on earth they were thinking? Well, I am sorry you had a bad experience, most especially because the staff there are always so friendly when we go, and it is a shame that someone has spoiled that location for you.

    Best wishes as always and I hope to catch up with you soon,


  3. Bill Szewczyk

    My son and I were recently in Kyoto for 9 days and discovered Cafe Kocsi whilst exploring the various small streets . We are from Melbourne, Australia and Cafe Kocsi had the same vibe and ambiance as many ‘hidden’ Melbourne eateries. We went there regularly except for one day when it was closed. The staff were always friendly, and when they discovered that my son spoke Japanese, would have a friendly word with us if it was quiet . I loved the curry!

  4. Glad you liked it, Bill. It is easily my favorite cafe in Kyoto, and that’s saying something because we have some great cafes here!

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