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Help Send a Bright Young Tibetan, Tsewang Phuntsok, to University

The following is from Kyoto blogger Heenali Patel,

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to somebody who has meant a great deal to me for almost 7 years. His name is Tsewang Phuntsok.


Tsewang Phuntsok has “dreams of bettering the lot of his family, ambition, and a generous heart to match” – Click on the picture to help him go to University.

Tsewang was a 12 year old student at the school I volunteered at, in Nepal back in 2008. His family comes from a small village in Tibet- he was sent to live in Kathmandu in the hope that it would give him a better life.

Unfortunately, his life in Kathmandu was anything but better. The school where he lived was poor, dirty and managed by a corrupt individual who siphoned any funds from sponsors into his personal bank account.

I remember feeling utterly shocked to see all 100 students or so, sleeping in cramped spaces, infested with insects and rats. They had no clothes but for their tattered school uniforms- many didn’t even have shoes. I even knew a little girl who took to wearing a cardboard box. Illness and infection was common, and despite the best efforts of the cook, meals were often nothing more than porridge.

Yet, the children were bright, always happy to play- and always happy to learn. Many had a thirst for education that I’d never seen in the UK. One of these students was Tsewang- he had dreams of bettering the lot of his family, ambition, and a generous heart to match. We became friends very quickly- by the time I left Nepal, I thought of him as a brother. Me and my mum Vina Patel promised to help him pursue his education.

After I left, there was an outbreak of tuberculosis at the school. I don’t know how many of the children I had played with survived. In an act of total bravery- the likes of which I’ve never seen from any other 13 year old- Tsewang ran away from the school. With our promise to support him, he found a new school that gave him what the other could not- a decent chance at life.

My mum and I have supported Tsewang through his education for almost 7 years. Far from the undernourished child that I knew, he has grown into a strong young man- though his heart remains as beatiful as the day I met him.

Now, I’ll get to the point. Tsewang’s dream is to become a marine captain. He needs to train at the Nepal Institute of Maritime Studies in order to do this. But his fees are too much for us to pay entirely. His parents have sold what little land they own in the mountains- but even then, this only covers half the cost.

So now I’m going to try putting Tsewang’s education into the hands of all my friends, family and any other genourous soul who want to change someones life for the better.

I need to raise £2000 for Tsewang’s university fees- this will cover him for his full course, including an apprenticeship that will secure a regular paying job for him in the future. PLEASE HELP ME! 🙂 Any amount would be appreciated so much- this isn’t just helping any anonymous charity- but helping a young man who I have known and loved for a very long time!

Thank you so much!

Thank you Heenali! Well, £2000 doesn’t seem like such a difficult target. I’m sure if a few big-hearted Deep Kyotoites chip in, even just a little bit, it will go a long way to setting Tsewang on the road to a brighter future. Whaddya think?

Please add your donations at:

See also Heenali Patel’s site: The Japan Philes

Introducing the Kyoto Bloggers Support Group for Information Exchange, Community & Collaboration

IMG_5015 (Medium)On Thursday 6th of March 18 Kyoto based bloggers got together for a casual meet-and greet style party at “The Public House” on Shichijo. This building (a Taisho era neo-classical style bank building dating from 1915) was formerly the home of a Second House pasta restaurant, but has recently become a pub with a nice atmosphere, tasty grub and an extensive beer menu. It was an excellent location for a party such as this and I think we may well return to it again.
The meeting itself was a good opportunity to meet new people and learn about their blogs and other activities. For a full list of attendees, please see below.

Now that the Kyoto Bloggers Group is established it is time to set out our aims:

We are a mutual support group for  bloggers writing in English who are based in Kyoto. Through our Google Group forum we can exchange information about technical aspects of blogging (useful plugins etc) or about methods of improving and extending the reach of our blogs. It is also a good opportunity to make new friends and create a sense of community. I am hoping that by bringing together so many writers, artists, photographers and other creative people we may well become a melting pot for all kinds of exciting new collaborations! Continue reading