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In Search of… Vinyl

I have previously written about the record shop Prototype, managed by my good friend Yoshida-kun but I’ve been thinking it’s time I added a few more Kyoto record shops to the list. I asked friend and collector Nana H. (that’s her on the left spinning discs at Joao) to give me some pointers and she recommended the following stores.


A pure, minimalist store without much decoration, this place is very neat and tidy compared to some of the other record stores in town. Genres include: Blues, Gospel, Alternative, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Reggae, Ska, World music and Jazz. Says Nana: “Most of the stuff here isn’t new, maybe up to the 80’s, or if Hip-Hop then the 90’s. This is where you come if you want to know where the new stuff comes from.” Bootsy’s is on the 3rd floor of the Takase building on the south side of Sanjo, west of the bridge, about two doors down from the Lawson’s convenience store. Here is a map.
Open 12:00 – 20:00 seven days a week. Tel: 075-231-5078

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Today I payed a visit to my friend Yoshida-kun’s vinyl record store Prototype. Prototype deals in import and 2nd hand records in the following genres: reggae, soul, funk, jazz, Latin, Brazilian, punk, rock, dance… the list goes on. Though the majority of his customers are DJs or serious record collectors, Yoshida’s philosophy is that his shop is not just for the expert musos, but for anyone with an interest. One thing Yoshida likes is talking to people, and sharing what he knows, so his shop is welcome to all, even the most absolute novice. The shop has a very relaxed atmosphere, being not merely a business but a social hub, and many of his friends in the neighborhood frequently pop in for a chat.

Though it’s true that the music in Prototype could easily be ordered online, the little space Yoshida-kun has created is a venue for people to talk about music and share their enthusiasms. It’s a good place and well worth a visit. There is also a little Italian restaurant on the first floor I may have to try sometime.

I asked Yoshida-kun why he called his shop “Prototype” and he said his idea was one of continuing improvement. An interesting man. Protoype is situated a short walk from City Hall (市役所前)on the corner of Gokomachi and Anekoji Street (御幸町通姉小路角) on the 2nd floor of the Ion building. Look for the yellow sign with the lion. Opening hours are from 1.00 p.m. ~ 9.00 p.m. Tel/fax: 075-256-0112.

Prototype on Google Maps