Cherry Blossoms at Hirano Shrine

Last weekend we visited Hirano Shrine, famous for it’s cherry blossoms.

IMG_5569 (Medium)

They have a lot of yatai food stalls set up there for the cherry blossom festival.

IMG_5596 (Medium)

And above them all and around them a gorgeous cloud of pink and white cherry blossom.

IMG_5563 (Medium)

“As court nobles donated cherry trees handed down in each family from ancient times, there are approximately 400 cherry trees of about 50 kinds.”

IMG_5557 (Medium)

“Early-opening flowers come into bloom in the middle of March while those blooming latest are at their best around April 20. Therefore people can enjoy cherry blossoms for about a month at this shrine.”

IMG_5564 (Medium)

It’s not always easy to get that perfect shot…

IMG_5562 (Medium)

But I think these aren’t bad.

IMG_5543 (Medium)

IMG_5548 (Medium)
IMG_5551 (Medium)

IMG_5544 (Medium)

IMG_5579 (Medium)

IMG_5577 (Medium)

IMG_5587 (Medium)

IMG_5591 (Medium)

Hirano Shrine is located just a little further north from Kitano-Tenmangu on Nishioji Street. Here is a MAP.

IMG_5582 (Medium)

3 responses to “Cherry Blossoms at Hirano Shrine

  1. Love the last image, and of course they’re all lovely.

  2. Michael Lambe

    Thanks Kavey!

  3. Lovely photos of the cherry blossom trees. It’s hard to choose but I particularly love the weeping cherry blossom trees, they are just wonderful. Visited the Heian Shrine in Kyoto and thought it the most spectacular garden of our trip with the weeping cherry blossoms. My favorite. Thanks for sharing.

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