Deep Kyoto in The Simple Things Magazine

cover simple thingsTurn to the “My City” section of this month’s Simple Things magazine and you will find my article on Kyoto. My photographs are also used exclusively in the article.

The Simple Things is a lifestyle magazine from Britain with a monthly My City feature in which “one person – clearly in love with their city” is asked “to tell us what makes it so special.”

Here are some excerpts to give you a taste:

simple things my city image“In Kyoto we’re blessed with plentiful access to nature. We’re surrounded by forested mountains, rivers and tree-lined canals. My personal favourite is the Kamo river, a beautiful nature reserve and bird-watcher’s paradise that cuts right through the city centre. Arashiyama (literally Storm Mountain) is another famed beauty spot, where you can take a boat cruise through the Hozu River Gorge or visit the monkey park. Gosho (the Imperial Palace Park), and the Kyoto Botanical Gardens are also popular picnicking spots.”

simple things 2
“Kyoto has everything I need from a city with a ready access to natural beauty immediately at hand. The seasonal traditions, festivals and ceremonies of the city are a constant source of stimulation and the historical atmosphere and the rich culture of arts, crafts, music and performance are inspiring.”

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  1. nice, I love Kyoto, you’re right everything is here for a dream journey

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