Gelato @ Ristorante Strada, Kyoto

IMG_5722 (Medium)

Rum raisin & teaHere’s a cool tip for the summer. Ristorante Strada has a gelato stand on Oike Street – and every flavour is intense. There are ten ever changing flavours to choose from at 200 yen a scoop. Mewby is a big fan of the rum raisin, but for me it’s a toss up between the refreshing lemon or the juicy blueberry. Not that it’s a problem if you order a double!Buono gelato
You can find Strada between Tominokoji and Yanaginobanba on the north side of Oike. I’ve never had a meal there, but if the ice creams are anything to go by, it’s certainly worth a try. Here is a map & opening hours.

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