Just around the corner from cafe Zanpano, is the music bar Hawkwind. Here the drinks are reasonably priced and the regular customers are very easy to talk to. Step inside and a friendly little spaniel by the name of Ruby will trot over to say hello. Taako-san runs the bar (and looks after Ruby) and he’s quite friendly too. Previously, there was another bar in this location named “Rose Garden” and as a regular customer of that bar himself, Taako-san decided to keep the old sign up outside as a kind of tribute. So why did he change the name at all? Well, his customers asked him to, and so he chose the name of his favorite band of classic British space rockers. His musical tastes are not confined to rock though, so if you come here be prepared for any genre – even enka. As Taako is a musician himself (he plays drums for local band Drillman among others), you can often meet musicians or music-lovers here, but a lot of local people and university students come here too. It’s quite a mix and a good place to make new friends and practice your Japanese. I would recommend bringing a Japanese speaking friend if your own language skills are not up to scratch. Having said that, when I asked Taako-san how he would feel about people coming who spoke no Japanese whatsoever he grinned broadly and said it was no problem, and some customers can speak English too so you may be ok. A note for beer lovers: they have Heartland on tap for ¥600 a glass. And for those who wish to give their liver a rest they also have non-alcoholic beer in a bottle. Below are some pictures, you can click through to flickr for a closer look.

To find Hawkwind head north on Higashioji Dori, past Hyakumanben and past Mikage Dori until you get to the Eiden railway line. Turn right here and you should see the Moto-Tanaka station a little ahead of you on the left. Look up to your right and you should see the sign for “Rose Garden”. It is in fact Hawkwind and you can find it on the second floor. If you see a big blue sign for Cafe Weekenders you have gone too far. Here is a most convenient map.

Opening hours are 8:00 pm ~ 2:00 am. Closed on Tusedays. Tel: 090-3650-1492

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