Ogurayama Citizens’ Event 2010

Mountain stillness
broken by…
tree dressers


(John Einarsen from the collection One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each)

This Sunday People Together for Mt. Ogura (P.T.O.) will be holding their annual autumn citizens’ event – and I’ll be joining them.  This event is held every year partly to show the local community the conservation work that P.T.O. is doing, but also to celebrate this beautiful poets’ mountain and its place in Japanese culture and history. The plan for the day is a gentle hike up to the summit, followed by a little bit of volunteer work experience (felling diseased trees), and an introduction to some of the other work that PTO does. The highlight of the day though will be the tree dressing event. Participants will decorate a tree that has been selected as Ogurayama’s representative and decorate it with poems, pictures,  wishes and messages of their choosing. The autumn foliage should be spectacular this weekend, so why not come along? Check out the details below.

What to bring: your lunch & something to drink, a towel, clothes you can work and hike in, shoes suitable for walking up a mountain, rain gear, a rucksack etc…
Meeting Time & Place: JR Saga/Arashiyama Station at 10:00 am (the event will finish around 4:00 pm.
Contact Stephen Gill for more details: heelstone@gmail.com

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