Soba no Mi Yoshimura

蕎麦の実よしむら is a great place Mewby and I only recently discovered,  though we must have passed it hundreds of times. I’m not sure why we didn’t go in before. Perhaps we thought that soba (buckwheat noodles) was all they did. Or perhaps we thought it was too expenive-looking. We were wrong on both counts.

Though the prices are surprisingly reasonable, Yoshimura certainly looks expensive on the inside. The interior has a kind of old-Japan charm to it. And you get to see the soba-making process first hand.

The dishes though are many and varied. I really like the little dried soba snacks they give you with your drinks before your meal. I also like the fact that they stock Yebisu Kohaku. Among the big dogs of Japan beers, this amber ale is one of the tastiest.

Here’s the meal we enjoyed on our last visit.

kaki nabe ~ oyster hot pot

oyster hot pot detail - absolutely gorgeous!

Soba Tofu no Dengaku ("dengaku" just means "grilled on sticks")

kumoko no tempura - "kumoko" can be roughly translated as a male cod's crown jewels

soba no mi zosui - "zosui" is rice gruel? porridge? Note the crunchy buckwheat seeds.

Check the online menu for other dishes and prices.

Soba no Mi Yoshimura is located on the north side of Gojo a short  walk east of Karasuma. Here is a map. They also have a sister shop in Arashiyama, named Arashiyama Yoshimura, that I haven’t been to (yet).

Last Orders: 22:00
Open every day.
Telephone: 075-353-0114

Highly recommended!

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  1. Dude,
    I found this place on a recent visit to Kyoto from Seoul . Thanks for the advice about the food, though the hot -pot is only available in the Winter. I was sorely disappointed.
    Their excellent Soba and healthy food cheered me up.

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