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Three – No Wait – Two Acts @ Nega・Posi ~ Live Music in Kyoto


A week ago I paid a visit to live music venue NEGA・POSI. It’s been quite a while since I was last there, but my visit confirmed that it is still a great spot to tap into the local music scene here in Kyoto. For 1,200 yen I got to see three acts; one I knew and two I didn’t. All were charming, talented and quirky in their own special way. I’ll let the music speak for itself. Details of how to find NEGA・POSI can be found here. Check out their scheduled performances here. Continue reading

Satoko Okuda Solo & Curtains @ Urbanguild (Video)

On June 28th Gary Bloom and I went to see my old friend, Satoko Okuda, play a solo spot at Urbanguild. These days Satoko is mostly focused on playing keyboards with Aya Oto World, so it’s not so often you get a chance to hear her sing. And as she’s got a great voice, and quite a few nice tunes up her sleeves that’s a pity. As expected, at this event she did not disappoint, putting in a typically charismatic performance that had Gary declaring, “I want to marry her!” This was also the first time I had seen her play an actual piano. Clearly she enjoyed the chance to play some proper ivories, because she thumped those keyboards with obvious relish!

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Satoko Okuda & Aya Oto World – Upcoming Shows!

Our old friend, Satoko Okuda, has a number of shows coming up, both as the keyboard player for Aya Oto World and in her own right as a singer/songwriter. In either incarnation she is highly recommended! Here’s the list:

June 14th (Thursday) – Aya Oto World @ Vox Hall
Also playing: モルグモルマルモ, シモムラソウシとくもくらげ and more…
Opens: 18:30 / Starts: 19:00
Tickets in advance: 1,800 yen / On the door: 2,300 yen
+ 1drink 500 yen
Access map here. Continue reading

Aya Oto World – First Tuesday @ The Weller’s Club

On Tuesday night Gary Bloom and I paid a visit to the Weller’s Club to check out Aya Oto World’s free show with DJ Takanori Hirano. It’s been just over a year since I last saw Aya Oto World play at club Collage, and since then they have slimmed down from a five piece big band to a trio, but to tell you the truth – as a group they have actually gotten better. The interaction between Yamamoto “Fresh” Kohta on guitar, Okuda Satoko on keyboards and Kawamoto Teruhiko on drums is much tighter than before, and the music is kicking! How to define their music is a little tricky though; is it rock, electro, ambient? Even “Fresh”, the guitarist, admits it is a little hard to pin down as the genre of the music tends to change as each soaring ten minute epic tune progresses. But basically they are a jam band, they are fun, and they make you want to dance. Gary and I had a great time during the band’s sets and enjoyed chatting with the band members between sets too while DJ Hirano (of Bootsy’s Records) played some ambient dance tracks. They are certainly a friendly bunch of characters! Here are three tunes from their second set of the evening. Details of their regular show at the Weller’s Club and of upcoming events they will play at Urbanguild are listed below.


The next tune, “Star”, is brand new: Continue reading

Aya Oto World @ Collage

Here’s a lively tune from Aya Oto World at the S.T.E.W. event on Friday night:

And here are some pictures:

S.T.E.W. ~Sound Traveler’s Ethnic Waves~

Just in case you’re still feeling too guilty to go out and have fun, here’s something I read today…

…one of the difficult but absolutely crucial tasks now is to go back to life’s diversity, rather than shying away from it. We need a healthy entertainment industry. The restaurant sector has to flourish. Books need to be sold and read, hotels rooms have to be filled with laughter. While investing a substantial amount of our time and energy on the rescue and relief efforts, we somehow need to keep life’s diversity. Apart from thinking about this earthquake and pondering the future of nuclear energy, we need to sing a song of the various joys of living.
From Ken Mogi’s Qualia Journal

And with that in mind here’s some news of a music event this Friday (March 25th). Our friend Okuda Satoko writes:

These days we are in a really anxious situation and we will all react to that in different ways. Why I’m writing is simply to invite you to a show, but if you are free to pass the time somewhere that night, then I’m really hoping you can come along.  Next Friday evening (25th) we will have a DJ and live music event at Collage. As Viva Sherry is currently on hiatus, for almost a year now I’ve been playing hard with Aya Oto World and I will be performing with them that night… The show starts at 9.00 pm and Aya Oto World come on at 11.00 but we’ll be there all night until around 5.00 am so if you can make an appearance I’ll be really happy.
All we have is our work and our music so naturally we continue to do that now. At any rate, all we can do is put our whole heart and soul into it, right? On the 25th we are going to put everything into our performance at this great venue. If you happen to be out for a drink then do remember us and come along! Let’s all continue to do our best again today!

Event details:

DATE & TIME: Friday March 25th 21:00 ~ around 5:00 a.m.
LOCATION: COLLAGE (see below for directions)

And what kind of music would that be, pray tell? This from the Collage website:

One night of dazzling magic from a gathering of musical nomads! Afro-delic Osakan rockers STEPAK-TAKRAW, the nostalgic rock band AYA OTO WORLD, and the trance dance music group つれづれ. These three Kansai bands play with fresh vision, rare musicianship and a transformative mixture of sensations in performances that overflow with originality. Added to this our 3 master DJs will be interweaving their characteristic first rate jazz/funk grooves. In this richly imaginative space the competing performances of bands and djs – sometimes cosmic, sometimes down-to-earth – produce beautiful chemical reactions! Enjoying to our heart’s content this essential natural flow between us – let’s all make a delicious stew!

Well, that’s a bit over the top, but I enjoyed translating it. I’m going anyway because I know Satoko is a fantastic singer… Maybe see you there?

I always find this area to the west of Kiyamachi confusing, but I think you can find it if you go north from Shijo on Kiyamachi, take the second turning on your left, then take the second turning on your right you should find it on the east side of the street on the second floor. Here’s a map.

Posts with video of Okuda Satoko:
Three Singers @ Slow Hand
Pictures & Video from オトエホン-21
Okuda Satoko x Ashida Mellow @ Urbanguild
Viva Sherry @ Kaburenjo

Three Singers @ Slow Hand

Slow Hand is a tiny little basement bar/live house situated on the south-east corner of Marutamachi and Karasuma. When they don’t have live music the bar is dedicated to ’70s music. But they have a lot of live music. Last Thursday, I went to see our old friend Okuda Satoko and two other singer/songwriters play there. Some of you may remember Satoko from her wonderful performance at the “Voices for Umekoji” event. This is her latest song (and I think it’s lovely). Just click on the picture to see the video.

Okuda Satoko ~ Click on the picture to see her performance.

Satoko will be performing at two more events this month: the ヤンバルの静寂・巷の轟音 event at Urbanguild on the 16th, and at an acoustic event at RAG on the 28th. Please check the links for details.

After Satoko’s performance last Thursday, a visiting American singer (on his way to Thailand apparently), named Frank Schweikhardt played a nice set of original, moody tunes with his backpacker guitar. If you like what you hear in the next video you can download his album here.

Frank Schweikhardt ~ Click on the picture to see the video.

Finally, the host of the event  was a guy named Kurimoto Hideaki. To be frank, this guy, when he speaks, is a little awkward. One might even say odd.  But then defying all expectation, he wraps  his hands around his guitar and starts singing – and he’s transformed! Really great stuff! Click on his picture to see his video.

Kurimoto Hideaki ~ Click on the link to see the video