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For Gaza Vol. 3 in Pictures & Videos

For Gaza Vol 3 was held at Urbanguild on July 24th. People came to to see speeches, talks, slideshows and video presentations about the plight of the people in Gaza.

The theme of this event was the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions for Palestine) campaign. You can find out more about that here.

There were also some goods on sale.

And then there was music! The first act didgeridoo/electronica combo Llama Labo were *SUPERB*.

And dance! Sanae Kuroko danced playfully with experimental midi accordian player ryotaro.

I’m not sure what Swiss/Australian duo Buggatronic (Daniel Buess /James Hullick) were doing but they seemed like they were really into it…

Seed, a group put together especially for this event by trumpeter James Barrett, played an improvisational fusion of rhythmic jazz and world music.

And Yoji and his ghost band played quirky, melodic electronica.

But without question the highlight of the evening was the performance by the Raks Khamis belly dancers!

You can see more pictures of the event here. Sean says attendance was “just over 100 in total – a little down on previous events – but we were happy with the turnout (many new faces!) and the performances/speeches were all brilliant and well received!!” Money raised will go to JVC. Sean continues…

The next JunKroom event (jeez – what volume is it??) is on 10th September @ Urbanguild. Some big hitters for this show!! The line up so far…. (with more artists to be confirmed) is…

Lorenzo Senni (Italy)
Miimo (Tokyo) Super Super Super Steel pan Dub Trio!!
ieva (Samuel Andre from France)

The next FOR GAZA show is going to be a JUNKROOM FOR GAZA event! (huh!) What we are thinking about is using a JunKroom event to raise a bit of money for FOR GAZA – so that we can have a little extra to pay the performers at the events – and print bigger/better posters to advertise the event. We’re still discussing this matter though so no final decision has been made yet. The show will take place on 1st October.
Headlining will be PRAED (great Swiss/Lebanese experimental duo). And other performers lined up include Problematica and Christopher Fryman

Thanks Sean!

Gaza Protest in Kyoto – Sunday 6th June

Just a quickie today. Sean says…

There is a protest against Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla in Kyoto on 6th June from 6pm at Sanjo Bridge

6月6日(日)18:00~約1時間ほど場所:三条大橋上(京 阪「三条」駅下車すぐ)
呼びかけ:さぼて ん企画、つばめクラブ連絡先:090-9981-6608(さぼてん企画)

In the news MV Rachel Corrie still heading for Gaza and Israel insisting it will be stopped.

Check Haaretz for updates.

UPDATE: MV Rachel Corrie intercepted.

Demo in Kobe For Gaza

Sean sent me this image from this afternoon’s demo in Kobe:

He also sent me this information about boycotting Israeli goods, and companies that support Israel: BOYCOTT ISRAEL. Another good reason to stop going to Starbucks and visit some decent independant Kyoto cafes instead!! And if you are thinking that boycotts don’t have any effect then please read this: Consumer Boycotts & Their Impact. For more perspective on all the general situation please read this 10,000 Things post here.

THE IRON WALL & other stories

Hello again everyone. I’m very happy to announce that the blog has been freed of malicious code and is now entirely safe to visit and use. My apologies to anyone who had their computer attacked with nasty malware – if you did please be sure to do a full system scan to check for sneaky viruses. I’m also sorry for the enforced and unwanted weeklong silence. For those who are interested, you can read about the cause and culprit here (it seems I was not alone!). My deep thanks to Ichihashi-san and Xavier Olive for the advice and help they offered, to the Godlike Bertrand Marquet for actually finding the solution, and to my old friend Rik Abel in jolly old England for implementing it. And now – on with the next post!

The For Gaza group will be showing the documentary movie The Iron Wall at Urbanguild this Friday (tomorrow). From the movie’s website:

After 1967 and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the aim of the settlement movement became clear – create facts on the ground and make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible. Thirty nine years of occupation and the policy started showing results… Continue reading

An Interview with Sean Roe

The man behind JunKroom

I try to make it as varied as possible: a dancer, a musician, a band, a lot of duos and people who’ve never performed together, collaborations, visual arts, video… It’s collaborative performances I’m really keen on… I want to try to incorporate manzai as well! If I can get a comedian in, that would be great! I want to try to get a new genre of music called “noise manzai”!
(Sean Roe on JunKroom)

Sean Roe for Insights

Photograph courtesy of Sean Roe

Born in London and raised in South Africa Sean Roe has divided much of the last twenty years in either the UK or Japan pursuing his varied interests in art, ceramics, photography, film and music. Over the last 18 months he has been making his mark in Kyoto with JunKroom: a multidisciplinary event combining music, dance, video and other visual arts. Originally held literally above the junk room of a recycling shop, the event became popular and is now regularly held in the Kiyamachi club Urban Guild. Sean Roe himself is a one-man multidisciplinary event, combining within himself the roles of performance artist, DJ, photographer, teacher and organizer. I sat down with him one evening in Cafe Independants to talk about his life, about JunKroom and about his involvement with the awareness and fundraising group “For Gaza”. Continue reading