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Songs from Crooked Pine

Looking for a gift to buy that special someone this Yuletide season? You could do a lot worse than invest in Max Dodd’s latest CD!

Songs from Crooked Pine

At the end of last month Max Dodds gave a grand performance at the release party for his new CD, “Songs from Crooked Pine”. It was a splendid night and the CD is splendid too.  Get yourself a copy if you haven’t already and buy some as Xmas presents too! This is his first solo album, and you can buy it online right here. There also a few copies available at Tadg’s Irish pub. It’s a limited edition first printing with the covers hand printed in black-and-white on an old Kyoto printing press. The beautiful illustrations are by his very talented wife, Aika.  Here’s a clip from the party:

Some more clips from Max’s previous shows here and here.

RAW elements @ Alphabet Ave.

…their eclectic mix of sounds and experiences only highlighted what some might say is a lack of focus but what others would call an openness towards any kind of music. And so in the body of elements music and side unit recordings, you’ll find ska, rock steady, steady rock, folk, waltz, zulu jive, slow balads, comedy and tragedy, political and social commentary, electronica, spoken word, melancholy, joy and despair, and probably quite a few other genres and emotions. The band is hard to pin down…

– From the elements website

Eclectic, hard to pin down and open to any kind of music. I like this sort of thing!

Alphabet Ave. is a friendly bar on Pontocho that stays open almost every night till the wee small hours. It really deserves an article of its own. My friends and I often retreat there when our other favorite bar (Joao) has closed. Anyway, every so often they have live music there. On Sunday it was the “raw” acoustic incarnation of local band elements and clearly their reputation precedes them because they were playing to a packed house. Continue reading