Ten Years in Kyoto

Ten years ago this morning I rolled into Kyoto in a removal van after an all night drive from Tokyo. The cherry blossom was blooming then too. Many thanks to my JET sempai, Duncan Flett, who helped me to find a new place to live and who handed me the key to my new apartment on my arrival in the early hours of the morning. He also handed me a banana – rather kindly thinking I might be hungry after my trip. I will never forget that banana! Many thanks also to Mario Leto who did the driving that night! I have never regretted moving to this wonderful city.

To celebrate, here are two of my favorite Kyoto views, photographed today.

Gojo morning

The view from Gojo bridge this morning – a short walk from where I live now.


And the view from the Imadegawa bridge at Demachiyanagi this evening. When I first moved to Kyoto I passed this view every day on my way to and from Japanese language school. After living and working in Shinjuku, this view of mountains, rivers and sky was really special. I think this is still my favorite area in Kyoto.

5 responses to “Ten Years in Kyoto

  1. おめでとう!

    and thank you for this website, i’ve referred to it every time I’ve been to Kyoto!

  2. Happy 10th Kyoto Anniversary, Michael!

  3. Michael Lambe

    Thank you both!

  4. Happy anniversary! And it’s wonderful to see you’re still in love with the city you choose to live in. Thanks for sharing it with all of us as well.

  5. Many happy returns of the first decade … though I think perhaps a British spell will intervene?

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