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The artist Saran Brayer

The artist, Sarah Brayer, is currently offering a selection of beautiful prints for the winter season to mark the 30+ years she has been in Kyoto, and on Sunday December 12th, from 1 till 6pm she will host a holiday show and get together at her studio. “There will be prints, paintings, note cards for sale in all price ranges,” says Sarah, “All are welcome! And those who come, are eligible to receive a surprise art piece that will be given away to one person as a thank you.”

Well, all of this seemed like an excellent opportunity to get Sarah’s profile up on Deep Kyoto! I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sending me some examples of her work with a commentary about her art and her relationship with Kyoto. I’m very happy to say that she agreed and this is what she sent me:

I first arrived in Kyoto in November 1979 with a backpack, wanderlust, and the intent to make more art (I’ve been making art since the age of seven). My first studio was in a 4.5 mat room. This was advantageous because it got me out on the street to sketch and find subject matter. I started with small black and white street scenes of my neighborhood. I would sit out with my sketch pad, and etch the plates later on in my kitchen. At night, I taught a few English classes so my days were free for art. It was a great life.

Starting in 1984, I made periodic trips to New York and was showing in Japan and the US often enough to devote myself full-time to art. I then turned my attention towards color and multiple plate etchings. Washi entered my world around 1990. Besides making original washi paper works, I often print on the washi that I make. Since arriving in Kyoto, I have made about 230 print editions. A selection of favorite prints which show Kyoto and its environs are displayed on my Daitokuji studio walls. You may also view part of the show online here. Here are a few prints from my Kyoto series:

Illumination 2001 ~ Click on the picture to obtain a larger image.

The kamogawa has been a source of inspiration for numerous art works. I love biking up and down the river and going over the bridges, especially at dusk when the light are coming on. This is the view north from Kitaoji. I made this print without any lines-just soft overlapping tones to capture the color blends I saw. It is printed on washi which adds to the glow.

Kyoto Passage 2007

An early morning in Nishijin.. There are several layers of washi in the print making the sky warm, and giving the impression of a window frame with paper shoji. The background color is textured indigo washi, which I hand colored.

Radiance 2009

Over the fire, there is a warmth in touch. This print is on gold-painted washi.
The hands are mine.

Snow Gate 1993

From the elevated train near Byodoin, Uji, I spotted this late afternoon winter scene. When I returned to the studio I composed it from memory making the textures pronounced and strong.

Kurodani 1996

A favorite pathway near Euiin in Sakyo-ku. I was interested in the textures and angles of the walls as they frame the woman who is on a neighborhood errand in her apron.

School's Out 2001

The splash of reds, one in the backpack and one on the mailbox, as they contrast with the shadowed earthen walls and street… The figure joyous, was what interested me in this piece. This was seen in the village of Kino, near Seika.

Thank you Sarah! You can view more of Sarah’s art on her website here.

Sarah Brayer’s holiday show and get togther is on Sunday December 12th, from 1 till 6pm at her studio. Click on the map for a bigger image.

Click on the map for a larger image.

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  1. I enjoyed your work and will perhaps come to your studio this summer when I am in Kyoto

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