Walder is a German style bakery on Fuyacho Street, just south of  Rokkaku Street.  img_0769-medium

They have an impressive range of tasty looking loaves, pastries and treats…img_0772-medium

…made with four different kinds of yeast!img_0774-medium

Getting hungry? Why not try one of these for lunch?img_0775-medium Here’s tomorrow’s breakfast (priced between 160 & 200 yen).img_0777-medium

And here is a good solid dependable German style loaf (600 yen).img_0778-medium

Walder is on the east side of Fuyacho a short walk south of Rokkaku. Here is a map. Tel: 075-256-2850. Open: 8:00 – 19:00 every day except Thursday. img_0776-medium

2 responses to “Walder

  1. I am so happy to see they sell good, dark breads in Kyoto! I was worried for the 4 months I will be studying at Seika that I wouldn’t be able to get my daily dose of good grains. During my first stay in Japan 4 years ago I kept being dissapointed by white bread and buns everywhere..
    Certainly going to visit this place in a few months!

  2. Michael Lambe

    This place is good too: http://www.deepkyoto.com/?p=1368

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