Wayang Bali

This is going to be my last post here for the next couple of weeks as Mewby and I are finally off on our trip to Borneo. However, I promised the owner of Wayang Bali weeks ago that I would post something about his wonderful restaurant, so I really must do so before I leave!

If you have been to Bali and you liked it, you will like Wayang Bali. They have really good authentic Balinese dishes and the owner Kadek and his staff are super, super friendly. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Here are some dishes Mewby and I have taken a shine to on our frequent visits.

Vegatable salad with peanuts sauce; how we love that peanuts sauce!

Tempeh plate; if you don’t know what tempeh is, you really ought to try it! Fermented Indonesian soy cakes with a unique earthy flavor they go oh-so-well with Bintang beer!

“Nasi Campur”; white rice and a nice mix of fried Balinese side dishes. Something for everyone in this mixed assortment.

Salmon in a chili sauce. Watch out for this one, it’s rather salty so you may want to share it rather than eat it all by yourself.

Deep fried bananas and ice-cream! You know you want to try this! Check the Wayang Bali website for their full menu and prices.

Wayang Bali is on the west side of Kawaramachi, north of Sanjo and south of Oike, on the 7th floor of the グリントランド building. There’s a Softbank store on the first floor and a bus stop directly outside it. You can find a map on their website here: http://www.wayangbali.com/access.html

Open: 11:30~14:30/18:00~24:00
Closed on Tuesdays.
Tel: 075-213-2507
Address: 〒604-8006

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