Sound & Images from “Get on the Desk!”

Last Saturday I attended the “Get on the Desk!” charity event at Kurodani. It was perfect weather for it, with lots of sunshine and clear autumn skies overhead. DoDo & raw elements and also Akou & Beni Zamza gave wonderful musical performances from the temple stage as we watched them from the garden.

Christophe Rossi (seen below on the left with Max) had a very funny magic act and had us all in stitches with his mischievous sense of humour.

There was also juggling. I have no idea what this guy’s name is (except he is part of the Juggling Donuts group) but he was very good. He did drop a couple of hoops but that only made the Obasans present root for him more. I couldn’t count how many times they said he was “kawaii”.

Attendance at the event was pretty good, so hopefully a fair amount of money was raised for those Nepalese orphans. Maybe Max can tell us how much in the comments? Here are some videos of the musical acts.

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  1. Thanks very much Michael.
    It was a great day, and thanks to many people we raised about 80,000 yen for the orphanage.
    I hope to plan another event there (Ei-Un-In) in the spring.

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