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Irish Concert at Kurodani’s Eiun-in, with Niamh Ní Charra & Sean Whelan x Hatao & Nami

Irish music fans, of which there are more than a few in Kyoto, should take note. Irish musicians Niamh Ní Charra & Sean Whelan will be joining local duo, Hatao & Nami, for a show at Eiun-in on Sunday, November 9th. Details below!

Irish November Concert
Irish November Concert in 京都
~From Ireland & Japan, Two Duets~

Date: Sunday, November 9th 2014
Doors Open: 14:00
Show Starts: 14:30 Continue reading

Dale Russ & Jay Gregg @ Irish Pub Gnome

It was a great night on Saturday when we went to see Dale Russ and Jay Gregg play at Irish Pub Gnome. We hadn’t been free to see them play the previous night at Tadg’s with Jay’s band Celtic Sounds, but it was nice to see the two of them play in this smaller, more intimate setting. I took the opportunity to video a few of the tunes, so here they are:

First a polka.

Next a lovely tune named “Lady Hamilton”. Continue reading

Keisuke Teramoto @ Irish Pub Gnome

Here’s a little bit of limpid, lilting, Irish harp to cool you all down in this intense summer heat. Keisuke Teramoto performed solo at Irish pub Gnome on Wednesday night and my goodness but it was lovely! This tune is by the legendary 18th century Irish harper Carolan. Enjoy!

Singing & Dancing Round the Table @ Irish Pub Gnome

The soda bread and colcannon to which I am particularly partial.

I quite like Gnome; it’s small and cosy and Yuko is a great cook (I’m particularly partial to her colcannon and soda bread). And the sing-along events are great fun. Felicity and Tomoko Saito play a mix of British and Irish traditional tunes and sometimes even some Japanese too. Here’s their version of 知床旅情:

You’ll notice a couple of chaps at the back. Continue reading

Sunday at the Vegan Earth Festival

The sun was out and so were the crowds for Sunday’s Vegan Earth Day festival.

Amir from Falafel Garden - smiling the smile of good business.

Now obviously, the big thing at this kind of event is the food (apparently there’s no meat in it – but it still tastes ok!), but even if you aren’t hungry, just wandering around people-watching is pretty entertaining. I saw some familiar faces – like Falafel Garden‘s Amir for example. And then there were the unfamiliar faces of these handsome brutes – the men who sell Otokomae Tofu! Continue reading

A Christmassy Sing-along @ Irish Pub Gnome

tablesongsOne Sunday, usually around the end of each of month, Felicity Greenland and Tomoko Saito lead a sing-along of Irish and British folk songs at Irish Pub Gnome. The next one is on December 20th so I asked Felicity the obvious question:

DK: Will you be singing Christmassy things?
FG: Yes sir, we will
DK: Marvellous! Any in particular?
FG: 12 days, Jingle bells, Ding dong merrily on high, Rudolph… In fact we will be doing lots.
DK: The First Noel is one of my favorites….
FG: OK, we’ll do that then.

Do you see how obliging she is? So if you’re away from home this Christmas and feeling in need of some festive cheer, come along to Irish Pub Gnome and sing your lungs out. Heartily. As Felicity once put it:

…it’s a very special bonding thing to sing together – everyone has had hard times with themselves and each other, but when you sing together all that really does melt away…

Sing Around The Table at Irish Pub Gnome will be held on December 20th. Entry and songsheets are free. The singing starts at 7:30 pm and goes on till 10ish. If your voice needs some advance lubrication, Happy Hour is from 5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm. Gnome is situated a short walk north of Oike on the west side of Kawaramachi in the basement of the SSS building. Look out for the yellow sign. Here is a handy map. TEL: 075-212-2101

I might also mention that an Irish band (well, they are all Japanese but they play Irish music) by the name of 白花 (Shirohana or White Flower) also featuring Tomoko Saito on the fiddle will be on at Gnome tonight. Entry is free but they’ll be passing round a hat.

Folk Music Workshop @ Irish Pub Gnome

img_0566Last weekend’s traditional music workshop at Gnome was a great success and so it looks like there will be many more in the future. Felicity Greenland writes:

Japanese and foreigners all singing together in a cool atmosphere… It’s hard to explain without sounding crass, but really, it’s a very special bonding thing to sing together – everyone has had hard times with themselves and each other, but when you sing together all that really does melt away. Plus, there were a few people who came who are really studying hard at English, or guitar, fiddle  or bodhran playing, and want to have a chance to make their studies real. This kind of event really works for them – some of them might play with us in the future and so their efforts have now become very real for them. Let’s do more – please come and tell your mates about it even if you can’t come yourself. Kyoto is the origin and hub of Irish music in Japan – with your energetic contribution it could also become the origin and hub of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh singalong too! LINK

Keep your eyes either here on D. K. or on the Gnome Live Schedule page for the next event. In the meantime there’s a video of a nice Gaelic song, Siúil a Rúin, after the jump. Continue reading

Sing Around the Table @ Irish Pub Gnome

Ted Taylor put me on to this event at Irish pub Gnome this weekend:

Singing Around the Table: A fun evening of Traditional Songs of Ireland and Britain with Felicity Greenland & Tomoko Saito.


Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Song sheet available.
No Charge.
Listenable previews here.
Telephone: 0752122101
Location: Irish Pub Gnome (see map)

I wanted a wee bit more information though. So I asked Felicity, “Could I have a wee bit more information please?” And she said:

Continue reading

Donal Lunny @ TakuTaku

I’m back online at home and so the comments are back on as well. I’ll be adding more locations soon but until then here’s a video of Donal Lunny and The Flying Dugong Band at TakuTaku last night. I filmed a few songs but I think this one is the nicest.

Thanks due to Mewby for pointing out the info about this show to me when we were in Field a couple of weeks back…

Update: There’s a nice review of the show by Ted Taylor on his blog here.

In Search of… the Craic

img_9202-medium In December 2008 my friend David Ewen and I (that’s us on the left) decided to go on an Irish pub crawl and see exactly what each place had to offer in terms of food, drink, music and the elusive craic. What follows is a list of the five pubs we visited,  a summary of what we found there and a map to each location.  For a fuller article, more pictures and directions click on the name of each pub. However, before I continue, I must say if you are only in Kyoto for a short time you shouldn’t be wasting precious time in Irish pubs at all, so stop reading now and go somewhere Japanese instead. This article is for long term residents only!

The Gael

img_9168-mediumVery popular with expats but has more character than your average chain pub. A good menu with plenty of vegetarian options. Irish music every week and jazz monthly. Six screens show major sporting events. The staff are very courteous and professional. Map.

Tadg’s (formerly Mc Loughlin’s)


A gastro-pub specialising in micro-brew beers, they even have a chocolate flavored beer! Stunning views over the river Kamo and the city. Very personable staff and a very likeable and chatty owner the house chef, Tadg. Map.

Dublin (formerly The Hill of Tara)

img_9116-medium Not the cosiest pub (perhaps because of it’s long, narrow interior) but with friendly staff and a good mix of Japanese and foreign punters. Excellent local musicians play Irish music here Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Map at the bottom of this link.


img_9192-mediumThe first Irish pub to open in Kyoto back in 2000, Field is all about the music. Irish music sessions are held twice a week and there is a recording and practice studio upstairs. Mostly Japanese punters here. It’s a nice place for a quiet pint. Map


img_9127-mediumMy personal favorite. Wonderful Irish style home-cooked food with lots of organic veggies and vegetarian options. A cosy atmosphere and a very friendly owner. The live music schedule is interestingly eclectic. Map.

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