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Headbangers Death Night vol.9

Headbangers is back! Here’s the info:

Time: Saturday 4th June at 22:00 – 05 June at 05:00

Place: Live House Socrates


DIAL 666

Tickets in advance: 2000 / On the door: 2500(1ドリンク込)
Live House Socrates is s short walk south of Imadegawa on Kawaramachi. Here is a map.

ぼーぼーず @ Urbanguild

Every so often at Urbanguild, you discover something quite rare and strange and wonderful. On Tuesday night it was ぼーぼーず (Booobooozz), two girls Y子 and K子, playing bass and accordion, with big hair and a rocking attitude. They totally blew me away!

So there I was thinking: they really remind me of Black Sabbath, when they delighted me with this:

I asked them to play at our anti-aquarium event in January. I do hope they say yes. UPDATE: They just said yes! Ya-hey!  Mark Friday January 21st down in your diaries folks! It’s going to be something really SPECIAL!

Acts like this make my heart glad!

Next week I’ll post more videos from Tuesday’s night of Decadence including performances by Christopher Fryman, ryotaro, 袋坂ヤスオ…

“Children of Water” & Morphic Jukebox @ Jittoku

Last Friday I attended the Kyoto premiere of Roger Walch‘s new movie “Children of Water” at Jittoku. The venue was a legendary live house in Kyoto (Japan’s oldest in fact) that has been open since 1973. Like the equally famous TakuTaku the building is a converted saka-gura – a kind of traditional sake warehouse. This was my first time to visit this fine old venue.

Jittoku is open 17:30 - 24:00. Live music every night between 19:00 - 21:00. Situated on the east side of Omiya, north of Marutamachi. Click on the picture for an access map and check the website for irregular holidays: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/jittoku/

Folk rock funsters Morphic Jukebox have a couple of songs in the movie’s soundtrack, so they performed a live set before the movie was shown. I’ve put some videos of their performance at the end of this post.

Roger’s movie was an interesting and moving story about different and sometimes clashing cultural attitudes towards child-rearing, and abortion as they play out in a particular cross-cultural relationship. Continue reading

Headbangers Death Night!

Here’s the uncensored word from Akemy Saldana…

Headbangers Death Night Official First Anniversary!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that only 1 year ago we witnessed the birth of metal mayhem in Kyoto! Time flies, eh? Especially when you’re gorging yourself on the metal treats that Heabangers has indulged us in thus far in its history!

We’ve come a long way in such a short time… and it’s all down to the hard work and dedication that all the bands, DJs and organizer have put in to make this the sickest, bloodiest, most fucked up event in Kansai! SO, HORNS UP TO EVERYONE! Especially to our leader the malevolent Metal Queen, without whom none of this would have been possible!

So come on down and let’s celebrate together! Usual place, the deprived and twisted bastion of hell that is Sparkle! Located on Kiyamachi, Kyoto. Usual time: 10:00pm (after the ritual, virgin sacrifices and Ouija boards ;))

Featuring Osaka’s very own stoner rock metal heads Crowned In Ruin, ready to sledgehammer your skull into the next millennium! And if you’re still thirsty for more….then join our resident evil DJs: Metal Queen and H metal T ready to spew forth metal mayhem! With special guest destroyers Hummer and Toyo! Blasting ear drums until the early hours! Be there or die…slowly!

Dj`s: Metal Queen, H metal TZ, guest Dj`s: Hummer (MORTAL COMBAT), TOYO METAL (METAL NIGHT).
Time: 20:00 – 03:00
Tickets in advance: 2000円 with 1 drink, Facebook members 2000円with 1 drink (say “facebook” at the door), On the door: 2500円 with 1drink.
Location: Sparkle! Sparkle map.

I am making the horny hands of Satan at my computer screen right now! Thanks Akemy!


磔磔 is a live house I’ve been meaning to check out for donkey’s. This converted brewhouse opened as a coffee shop in 1974. In those days the master would spin a few discs for the clientele and there would be one or two live performances a week, but gradually the performances increased and it became the famous live house we know today. I was impressed to see the names of those who have performed here decorating the walls, legends like: Los Lobos, Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Staples Singers, John Lee Hooker… Last weekend I went to see some homegrown talent however; Soul Flower Mononoke Summit, and their guest Oki, an Ainu musician. It was a fun night, but I won’t waste words describing it for you (at least not here). See for yourself! Below is a video of Soul Flower Mononoke Summit after inviting Oki up on stage to join them.

If that tickles your fancy, you can read a review of Oki’s performance over on Ted Taylor’s fine blog Notes from the Nog, and you can see another video up here.

TakuTaku has live music almost every night. Check out their website for details. To find it go south from Shijo on Tominokoji Dori, the second road down is Bukkoji Dori and it’s just a little further on from that on the west side. Here is a most excellent map. Open from 18:00 ~ 23:00. Tel: 075-351-1321


In Search of … the Craic Part 5

img_9100-mediumThis is the fifth and final part of a series of posts on Kyoto’s Irish pubs. Earlier this month my friend David Ewen and I went on a pub crawl of five Irish pubs in Kyoto to see what they had to offer in terms of food, beer, music and the craic. Tonight’s post is on…


Gnome opened in October 2007, which makes it the newest Irish pub in town. It’s also my favorite. I like the cosy, home-like atmosphere and I might be just imagining things but I think the Guinness tastes best here too. Yuko, the owner is a friendly, chatty, charming lady of many talents; musical, culinary and professional. She already had her own business before opening Gnome, and in addition to managing an accessory and craft shop upstairs from the pub, she also does all the cooking downstairs as well! The menu is wonderful. I love the colcannon – a simple dish of cabbage, potatoes, butter and pepper. Yuko gets the balance just right and served up with the best soda bread I’ve tasted in Kyoto it’s just lovely. “How is it you make such great soda bread?” I asked her. Turns out she gets the oatmeal from Ireland. Yuko loves cooking and pays a lot of attention to her ingredients; the water is from Kyushu and packed with healthy minerals and the vegetables are organic. There are a lot of vegetarian options on the menu too. Yuko and her husband are both musicians and played together in a rock band in the past covering artists like The Band and Neil Young. However, on a visit to Ireland five or six years ago they fell in love with Irish music and also with the warm and friendly atmosphere of Irish pubs. Now Gnome’s interestingly eclectic live music schedule reflects their varied musical tastes. You can see a short video of a recent performance by the band Baobab here. Here are some pictures:

Quiet during the week, Gnome gets livelier at weekends – and during musical events, you can’t move! The clientele is varied too: families, musicians, salarymen and sometimes foreign chaps like me. Why the name? Well, Gnome is in the basement and gnomes as you know live underground. Gnome is situated a short walk north of Oike on the west side of Kawaramachi in the basement of the SSS building. Look out for the yellow sign. Here is a handy map.

Opens Weekdays 17:00〜25:00
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 16:00~25:00
Happy Hour: 17:00~20:00 (unless there are events)

TEL: 075-212-2101

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Irish music at Cafe Woodnote

In Search of… Vinyl

I have previously written about the record shop Prototype, managed by my good friend Yoshida-kun but I’ve been thinking it’s time I added a few more Kyoto record shops to the list. I asked friend and collector Nana H. (that’s her on the left spinning discs at Joao) to give me some pointers and she recommended the following stores.


A pure, minimalist store without much decoration, this place is very neat and tidy compared to some of the other record stores in town. Genres include: Blues, Gospel, Alternative, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Reggae, Ska, World music and Jazz. Says Nana: “Most of the stuff here isn’t new, maybe up to the 80’s, or if Hip-Hop then the 90’s. This is where you come if you want to know where the new stuff comes from.” Bootsy’s is on the 3rd floor of the Takase building on the south side of Sanjo, west of the bridge, about two doors down from the Lawson’s convenience store. Here is a map.
Open 12:00 – 20:00 seven days a week. Tel: 075-231-5078

Continue reading


治外法権 (“Chigaihouken” literally “Extraterritorial Rights”) is a 34 year old rock bar hidden away in one of the alleys between Kiyamachi and Kawaramachi. The original and best rock bar in Kyoto, Chigaihouken is a bar for those who know that real men wear very very tight trousers and have their hair in long feathered perms. It’s for those of us who want to hear rock music so loud it’s a crime against humanity. For those of us who know that the amps should go all the way up to eleven and who don’t consider it a good night unless they walk away with a mild case of tinnitus. If like me you consider bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Van Halen and White Snake (yes! White Snake!) to be Gods (probably Norse) walking among men, then this is the place for you. All other so-called rock bars are but mere imitations (you can actually hear your own voice in those places – imagine!). For ear-shattering machine-gun bending-the-laws-of-the-space/time- continuum rock – come to Chigaihoken! Here are a few (slightly tipsy) pictures:

To find Chigaihouken walk north on Kawaramachi and take the first alleyway on your right after the Bal departement store. Chigaihouken is on your right about halfway down the alley in the same building as “Transistor Radio” and “Blue Note”.
Tel: 075-231-6049
Open everyday: 8:00 pm ~ 6:00 am
You can find a map on the bar’s website here: LINK.