Three – No Wait – Two Acts @ Nega・Posi ~ Live Music in Kyoto


A week ago I paid a visit to live music venue NEGA・POSI. It’s been quite a while since I was last there, but my visit confirmed that it is still a great spot to tap into the local music scene here in Kyoto. For 1,200 yen I got to see three acts; one I knew and two I didn’t. All were charming, talented and quirky in their own special way. I’ll let the music speak for itself. Details of how to find NEGA・POSI can be found here. Check out their scheduled performances here.

First up: Binzoko Izuko: UPDATE: First up WAS Binzoko Izuko, but for reasons of her own she has requested I take down the video. I used my i-phone so perhaps the image quality wasn’t satisfactory… Well, the artist owns their own material and I should have asked her permission anyway, so I have complied with her request. A pity though, as it was a nice song. I can only suggest you check out some of her other videos on Youtube, or catch her live if you can. She’s a very talented singer, though her between songs patter is a bit random. Anyway, lesson learned. My apologies to 瓶底いずこ for not asking her permission at the event.

Next, Infurabon (who hopefully won’t ask me to take down this lovely song):

And our old friend, Okuda Satoko:

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