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Charity Auction for NICCO at Kyoto Isetan; February 20th – 22nd

The following message was sent in by Akiko Yoshida of the Kyoto based NGO NICCO and all queries should be addressed to her at the contact address given below.

The 26th Charity Auction for NICCO:
“Exhibition of Finearts” in Kyoto
February 20th – 22nd at JR KYOTO ISETAN
(Open Event)

nicco charity auction

The 26th Charity Auction for NICCO will be held at JR KYOTO ISETAN during the period of February 20th to 22nd, 2016. All of its proceeds will be donated to NICCO, Kyoto-based humanitarian organization, for its projects in and outside of Japan such as support activities for victims of the tsunami in Tohoku and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. By either bidding for or purchasing these works, visitors can contribute to humanitarian projects for people living in developing countries and disaster affected areas.

The Event
To support our overseas projects, we hold an event which is called “Charity Auction for NICCO-Exhibition of Artifacts-” for our fund raising. The exhibition has been held every year in one of the famous department stores in Kyoto City since 1991. This event is supported by a variety of artists such as ceramic artists, Japanese-style painters, masters of tea ceremony and calligraphers. These include Kyoto-based creators like Mr. Brian Williams and Mr. Randy Channell. These supporters contribute by donating their works freely as charity. The total number of works of art will be over 200. People can appreciate and obtain these works at a relatively reasonable price by participating in the auction. All the profits – except for necessary expenses – will be donated to NICCO.

Dates and Time:
February 20th (Fri) to 22nd (Mon), 2016
Venue: JR KYOTO ISETAN, 10th floor (JR Kyoto Station Complex)
Admission: Free
Organizer: “Charity Auction for NICCO” Executive Committee

Charity Auction for NICCO

Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO) is a Japanese non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to supporting self-reliance among people in developing countries in Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. Since its establishment in the early days of Japanese NGOs in 1979, NICCO has focused on emergency assistance and human resource development, as well as rural development based on environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Akiko Yoshida, Charity Auction for NICCO Executive Committee
Tel: +81-75-241-0674
E-mail: info[at]
Address: 101 Nishi Rokkaku-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan 604-8217

Charity Noh Performance for Tohoku Disaster Relief at Kyoto Kanze Kaikan 3/11

Next week Kyoto Kanze Kaikan is holding two charity Noh performances to raise funds for victims of the 2011 Tohoku Disaster. They will be held on the morning and evening of March 11th – the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami.



If you aren’t familiar with Noh, it’s best to take a script with you. There is a lot of talking in Noh plays, they are speaking medieval Japanese, and the speech patterns are very stylized, so even for native Japanese they can be hard to understand. Mewby and I went to see a couple of Noh plays at the Kanze Kaikan last weekend, but we only had a script for one of the plays. Let me tell you it makes a big difference when watching Noh, if you have a script with you to follow along with. Fortunately, translations of the scripts for both of the plays next week are available on the excellent the能.com site, with both English and modern Japanese.

Date and Times: Tuesday March 11th

10:30-12:30: The main performance  is of the Noh play Tsunemasa. You can download a translated script here: 経正

18:30-20:30: The main performance is of the Noh play Shōjō Midare. You can download a translated script here: 猩々乱

Location: Kyoto Kanze Kaikan is on the south side of Niomon Street between Higashioji and Jingu-michi. It is a 10 minute walk north from from Higashiyama Subway Station. Here is a map.

IMG_7847 (Medium)Both performances cost 1,500. They can be booked in advance at this number: 075-771-6114075-771-6114 (Japanese). However, specific seats cannot be reserved.

More details of the performances can be seen here (Japanese):

Kyoto Marathon Fundraiser for Fukushima Kids

The second anniversary of the 3/11 disaster is coming up, and many people will be considering how best to observe the occasion. On March 10th Russell Trott will run the Kyoto Marathon to raise funds for Fukushima kids. All monies raised will go towards a camp near Kyoto organized by Go! Go! Waku Waku. There the kids will be able to escape the worst affected areas of Fukushima for a little while and play outside without fear of radioactive hotspots. You can see Kyoto Marathon Fundraiserpictures from a past camp here.
Please help with a donation if you can and spread the good word.
Here’s the link to Russell’s Indiegogo campaign. Perks are available for your donations.


Please donate to Green Action here:

From Beyond Nuclear:

During the critical first days and months of the Fukushima nuclear
catastrophe in Japan, many of us turned immediately to Aileen Mioko
Smith (pictured far left with Sachiko Sato and Kaori Izumi) and her
organization, Green Action-Japan. Through her depth of knowledge on the
nuclear issue, organizing skills, and essential translations between
English and Japanese, Aileen played a crucial role in globally
networking the U.S. and Japanese anti-nuclear movements.

Today, Green Action-Japan needs your financial help to keep its
important work ongoing.

Without Aileen’s relentless efforts for more than a decade to delay the
use of plutonium (MOX) fuel, the three reactors that melted down at
Fukushima could have been loaded with 33% plutonium cores,
significantly worsening the radiological catastrophe that has unfolded.
(Only Unit 3 had loaded MOX fuel, at a 6% level.) Aileen has also
helped oppose the Rokkasho reprocessing facility and the Monju breeder

Please make a generous donation via Green Action’s Paypal button today.
Green Action-Japan and Aileen Mioko Smith play an essential role in
connecting our campaigns and sharing knowledge, information that will
help us end the Nuclear Age.

Please donate here:
Donation drive can be found at these sites:
Beyond Nuclear



Charity Concert to Reunite Fukushima Kids

Our friend Jason Bartashius writes,

Music lovers are you staying in town for winter vacation?  If so, be sure to check out the A Summer Dream for Children charity concert on December 22nd at the Miyako Messe.  Featured artists include A-Frame, Twins, and pop singer Shiori Kinjo, who will perform her hit “Smile.”  Everyone knows a good concert is one with a grand debut.  Sota Kishimoto and Shohei Toyoda will do the honors – performing a song co-written with Fukushima children.  Minna no Te and Ipponokai, two groups that aid evacuees, are hosting the concert.

Proceeds will be used by Minna no Te to continue reuniting family and friends separated by the nuclear crisis.  This summer buses shuttled people between Kyoto and Fukushima.  Fukushima kids normally allowed only short intervals to play outside enjoyed a brief reprieve from the dangers of radiation here in Kansai.  In Kyoto they could play outdoors, sightsee, and spend time with classmates who have relocated here.  Evacuees in Kyoto also had the opportunity to return to Fukushima for a short stay to see family members left behind.

Soon the buses will be gearing up to again make the nearly 800 km trek to bring together family and friends for the New Year’s holiday.  With hopes for more reunions down the road, Minna no Te has started the Children’s Dream Fund.  Please fund the project with the purchase of a concert ticket.  Bring a friend and consider the night an early Xmas present to kids in need.

As a prelude to the concert, pictures from this summer’s reunion project will be displayed from 10:30 a.m – 2:30 p.m.  Evacuee children will celebrate the event by talking via a web camera with Fukushima friends who visited Kyoto this past summer.  Music will start at 3:00 and last until around 5:00 p.m.

The organizing of this concert is timely.  Parts of the evacuation zone are being reopened and evacuees are being encouraged to return home.  However, the sentiment that all is now safe and sound is not universally shared.  Greenpeace is bringing attention to misleading radiation monitoring posts set up by the government.  Residents and evacuees are also skeptical of decontamination efforts.  When it rains, radiation that has accumulated in the mountains is feared to wash back down into fields and communities.

Meanwhile refugees are struggling.  Some have to search for new employment.  For their part children have had to enter different schools and adapt to new environments.  Displacement is particularly hard for people originating in rural Fukushima where familial and communal ties are strong.  The upcoming concert and photo exhibit serve as reminders of these ongoing realities.  At the same time, music and photos of smiling children focus attention on the beauty and joy of life that exist even in dire times.  And that reminder gives us all something to strive for this holiday season.

A Summer Dream for Children: A Rainbow Connecting Kyoto and Fukushima

Venue: Miyako Messe (Daiichi Tenjijo)

Tickets: 1000 Yen in advance.  1,300 Yen on the door. Reservations can be made by calling 075-823-5001

(Hours: 10:00 a.m – 5:00  p.m/ Closed Sundays and National Holidays)


Jason Bartashius moved to Kyoto in 2011. He is a lecturer of Japanese Religions and an English instructor. Jason also manages the volunteer project After School Lessons For Tohoku Children that helps kids affected by the tsunami. As a writer he works to bring attention to the ongoing issues surrounding the March 11th disasters. He has made contributions to Deep Kyoto that focus on Kyoto’s efforts to support Tohoku and evacuees who have relocated to Kyoto. You can read his previous articles here.

“Cooks4Cooks” ~ A Christmas Fundraiser @ Tadg’s for Women Survivors in Nigeria

A word from Kevin Ramsden,

I would like you all to know about a really cool fundraising event, “Cooks4Cooks”, coming up on the afternoon of Sunday December 16th at Tadg’s Irish Restaurant & Bar, Kyoto (see for map and details). This will be a bit of a Xmas bash for all-comers, and all are most definitely welcome. The purpose is to raise a ton of money to buy much needed environmentally friendly cooking apparatus, the Envirofit B-1200 (pictured right) for women in rural Nigeria who have been victims of human trafficking (see the website for the full story.) The main fundraising methods for this will be:

(1) a bring and buy baked goods sale

(2) a raffle for a bunch of great culinary related prizes.

There will also be some entertainment on offer, a bit of carol singing (if the mood takes us) and a visit from Santa for the kids. Here are the details:

Place: Tadg’s Irish Restaurant & Bar

Date: Sunday December 16th

Time: 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Features: a bring and buy (or just buy for non-cooks) baked goods sale, prize raffle, entertainment, all afternoon 1,000 yen lunch set, kids entertainment and a visit from the REAL Santa, a bit of a Crimbo sing-a-long, and all in a smoke-free zone.

Basically, we would like anybody who can make and bake their own cookies, cakes, pies, bread, etc, to knock something up and bring it along to put in the baked goods sale. All profits from the sale of these goods will go into the “pot” to buy the eco-cookers, hence the event title “Cooks4Cooks”. In addition, you can buy raffle tickets at 200 yen each or 6 for 1,000 yen to give yourself the chance of winning one of the tasty prizes offered up by our generous sponsors:

*Xmas dinner for two at Tadg’s*

*a full stuffed roasted turkey (with gravy)*

*a 5,000 yen voucher to spend at the Gael pub in Gion*

*a special surPRIZE from Papa Jon’s*

*a Muji nabe pot*

*a super burger/beer set from Toms Cafe*

…to name just a few. Tickets are on sale now, so can be bought well in advance of the event as well as on the day itself. The raffle will be held during the afternoon of the event and all winners not present will be contacted later. Please contact Kevin (ramsden261[at] you would like to contribute a culinary related prize for the raffle, too. The more the merrier!!

In addition to the foodie stuff, we would like to make this a real family Xmas kind of do, so welcome families with nippers along to enjoy the fun and games. We plan to have a visit from Santa at around 3.00 pm, so would ask that you come early enough with the wee ones so that they don’t miss out. We would also like parents to bring along a small, wrapped gift of about 500 yen value (with the child’s name printed on), for each of their kids so that Santa can do his jolly old thing and pull them out of the sack as a surprise.

The bar, of course, will be open for a little relaxation and casual imbibing, and coffee will also be available for those who can’t wait to nibble on the bonanza of baked items they have bought.

Please drop in, bring friends and let others know, so that we can make this event a huge success, and extend the spirit of Xmas to helping our African sisters in their time of need.

To find Tadg’s walk straight up Kiyamachi from Sanjo, before you get to Oike you should see the Empire building on your right. Tadg’s is on the 8th floor. Click here for a most convenient map.

Neconote Flea Market for Tohoku – Sunday October 21st

Neconote volunteers sporting kame comi towels…

Neconote are holding their first biannual charity flea market for Tohoku this Sunday (October 21st) in Kyoto city center. Items for sale include second hand books, clothes, handicrafts from Tohoku + there will also be musical performances and a talk by Fresh Currents editor Eric Johnston.
This news via Jen L. Teeter,

We are still a long way from recovery in Tohoku. At Neconote we believe that every contribution counts! Building upon previous and ongoing Kansai-based efforts to support revitilization in the disaster areas, we hope to continue with that momentum with the bi-annual Neconote Flea Market for Disaster Recovery. All funds will be contributed to local organizations in Tohoku (More details below). Hope to see you on the 21st!

Date and time: Sunday, October 21 10am-4pm
Location: Higashiyama Ikiki Shinimkatsudo Center (東山いきいき市民活動センター)
5 minute walk from Sanjo Keihan Station. Here is a map.


Items for sale!
1. We will have used books and very good quality used clothes for sale.

Kame comi towels

2. Kame comi towels for purchase. They support the work of a cafe in Ishinomaki  in spreading news and information throughout the city and region through community events and a community newspaper.

Edible seaweed from Ishinomaki

3. Seaweed products from an Ishinomaki producer whose factory was destroyed.

4. Takochan made by a group in Kessenuma.

5. Kyoto Journal’s latest publication, “Fresh Currents,” on Fukushima and renewable energy alternatives.

All proceeds will go to the three local Tohoku organizations noted above. We focus on supporting local organizations in the disaster area and making sure that we never forget what has happened and is still taking place in Tohoku.

Performances & Talks
1. Folk, traditional and popular song artist Felicity Greenland
2. Eric Johnston (Japan Times) to talk about the book Fresh Currents, and about shifting from a nuclear past to a renewable future
3. Three unlikely characters: Honami, Jen & Tokuda – one guitar, two vocalists!
4. LOOKING FOR MORE! Contact Neconote if you are interested in lending your artistic talents to support Tohoku! “If you’d like to collaborate in some way, do contact us! We are all about linking up!”

Contact: neconotekansai[at]
More information:

Support the TA Project! – Fundraising for the Children of Fukushima!

At the end of last month, Sara Ai Coe contributed a guest article to this site introducing the TA Project. This is a group of young professionals in Osaka attempting to help the children of Fukushima by giving them a chance to play freely in a safe environment. Now they have started their own, very modest fundraising campaign. For a mere $1,500 they plan to invite children from Fukushima for a 4 day camp in Osaka from August 17th to 20th. Why is this important?

Children in Kori-machi Fukushima are only allowed to play outside for 1 hour because of the risk of radiation. And this is only one of the many side effects caused by the Nuclear Plant Melt Down in Fukushima. Well and truly the lives of people in Fukushima has been turned upside down. Not only have children lost their homes, family and friends. Everyday they have to stress about radiation levels in the food they eat, the water they drink and the environment they play in. No child should ever have to go through this!! Let’s do something for these kids!!

Here’s Sara and the boys to tell us more about it:

Click here to learn more about the TA Project’s Indiegogo campaign!

See also: Sara’s previous article on the TA Project

Finndig @ Tadgs on July 27th

Hear ye! Hear ye!
To all and sundry:
let it be known
a Finndig will be held on July 27th at Tadg’s,
being a celebration of support and comradery
for our dear friend
Finn MacGinty
laid low in his native land of Ireland.

Here follows a message from our good friend Tadg McLoughlin:

Many of you will be aware that our great friend Finn MacGinty – musician, actor, and bon vivant – took a terrible fall in Ireland in December which left him with serious head injury. Finn is getting better every day but is still in hospital in Ireland. It is hoped that he will be shortly moved nearer to his wife Tamara and the home they built together in Tipperary.

Kyoto is a special city for them both as it is where they met, married and lived in the 80’s, before returning to Seattle, where they were resident for around 20 years. Finn has returned here many times with his bands The Suffering Gaels, Setanta, and other reprobates, providing us with much joy over the years. So, on July 27th we will gather for a benefit concert for Finn at Tadg’s Bar at 8pm.

There will be music and performances  from a host of talented people who are friends featuring The WildCards in collaboration with Grateful Ted, Gary Tegler, Duncan Hamilton, Jay Gregg and the Irish Setters.

Donations: ¥2000 at the door with all proceeds going to the Finn MacGinty charitable fund.

The evening begins at 8 pm
The WildCards in collaboration with Grateful Ted
Gary Tegler
Duncan Hamilton
Jay Gregg and the Irish Setters

Also: a complimentary buffet of culinary delights provided by the master of the house.

Please join us for this special night. This event is very dear to my heart and if you have the time and inclination I would genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you for your time.



Thank you, Tadg! To find Tadg’s walk straight up Kiyamachi from Sanjo, before you get to Oike you should see the Empire building on your right. Tadg’s is on the 8th floor. Click here for a most convenient map.


Did I mention that there are perks for contributing to the Fresh Currents campaign fund?

There are perks for contributing to the Fresh Currents campaign fund.

For a $10 donation – you get your name on the Fresh Currents website, our undying gratitude & an enormous feeling of wellbeing.

For $25 – all of the above & your name listed in the book + a free digital issue of Kyoto Journal #76 (currently unavailable by any other means!)

For $50 – all of the above + a free digital subscription to Kyoto Journal issues #76 – 80

For $100 – all of the above + a free digital edition of Fresh Currents

For $300 – all of the above + a gorgeous etching by the esteemed landscape artist Brian Williams (he’s very good)

Millennial Tree by Brian Williams

For $500 – all of the above + LIFETIME DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION to Kyoto Journal!!!

So there you have it! At the time of writing there are just 28 hours remaining in which to claim these goodies, so click here, throw some cash our way and oh yes, help save the planet while you’re at it!

Here’s the link:

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