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Hidden away in the heart of the bustling market on Nishiki Dori is a tiny little alleyway that leads to Hale. This is a fully organic and vegan restaurant, specialising in seasonal dishes, yuba tofu and Kyoto’s famously distinctive vegetables. For lunch you can have a ¥1000 set or the “Special Lunch” for ¥1800. I settled for the ¥1000 lunch which you can see amid the pictures below and which was more than ample enough for me.

Even if you are not vegetarian, Hale is worth a visit for its traditional cuisine or just to spend a pleasant hour or so in a peaceful old machiya house quietly contemplating the central garden. A wide range of beverages are also available, coffees, teas, soy drinks, juices, beers and shochu and even something made of dandelions – but I didn’t go for that. To find it walk along Nishiki Dori between the Fuyacho and Tominokoji streets and look out for that little alleyway on the north side of the market. Here is a most helpful map. It might be worth booking ahead on weekends as Hale is both small and popular.
Opening hours: Monday & Wednesday ~ 11:30 – 18:00 / Wednesday – Sunday ~ 11:30 – 14:30 and 16:00 – 21:00. (Closed on Tuesdays).
Tel: 075-231-2516

6 responses to “Hale ~晴~

  1. Been there, liked that.
    Hoping I’ll find a good place for okonomiyaki in your files. If you know of any more good places for okonomiyaki please let me know.

  2. I wrote about Shougetsu before:
    This is basically a chain (there’s one on Kawaramachi too) but the one on Mikage Dori is basically my favorite place for okonomiyaki. I like the sweaty, smokey, shoutiness of the place. If I find anywhere else I’ll be sure to stick it on the blog. Let me know if you find somewhere first.

  3. I’m in Kyoto now, your blog is a great help! I am supplementing it with Herwin Walraven’s “Kyoto Vegan Pocketguide” which is an absolutely fascinating book, although slightly out of date.

  4. Thank you for your fascinating website. I would like to take my pilgrim group that I am guiding in October to this restaurant – do you think it could take 10 people? We are all vegetarians and this looks like an ideal lunch spot between Rokkakudo and Kodo temples. Do you know if there is an email address or fax number to book?

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